Eldee: G.O Adeboye, Others Have Failed To Back Collection Of Tithes With Scripture


Endless controversy continues to tail church tithes and Nigerian rapper, Lanre Dabiri, professionally known as Eldee has taken to his social media page to challenge Nigerian pastors to provide Bible verses backing such obligation.

According to the musician, prominent preachers like G.O Adeboye have failed to convince Nigerians why tithe is mandatory, unlike OAP Freeze who has supported his preaching with chapters of the scripture.

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Eldee said no pastor including the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christain Church of God has been able to give a scriptural backing on where God mandated tithing.

Taking to his snapchat page, the rapper wrote:

“Freeze has asked Nigerian pastors to come and explain where in the bible God mandated tithing and not a single one has been able to respond with scripture, not even the all-time tithing collection Grandmaster G.O.

“If you’re Christian when you get to church this Sunday beg your pastor to please help shut Mr Freeze up by sharing the bible verses where God mandated Tithing.

“We are all curious now.”

Recall that Daddy Freeze had matched the pastor’s statement that only a man will bring alcohol in the church, saying they only brainwash their members to fill their coffers with proceeds from tithing.

The controversial media personality said G.O Adeboye needs to brush up his biblical proficiency, adding that the Pastor has made a mockery of Christianity and shamed his scriptural knowledge with such a statement.

Quoting Deuteronomy 14:22-26, Daddy Freeze asked if the pastor is doubting the sanity of the Almighty God who declared that tithe could be used to buy beer or is he saying that Moses is a lunatic?

Speaking the pidgin english he wrote:

“Read bible they won’t read, na so so brainwashing dem sabi.”

Not only Eldee and Freeze, some Nigerians have expressed their opinion about the influence of the Church to Nigeria’s economic situation. A notable comment from a Facebook user on what Pastors who own private jets should do for the country said:

“I have lots of close friends who lost their jobs during the recession. Some have gotten jobs while others are still walking from pillar to post looking for job opportunities.

“The Nigerian economy is terrible and even getting worse every day. I keep reading that churches are building multi-million naira buildings and buying jets worth billions of naira. It’s all great I have nothing against it.

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“I just feel it will be much better if all these money is channelled into our economy. Let churches use this money to build industries and name it after their churches. This will create more jobs for the masses and improve the economy.

“Thousands of youth corpers troop out yearly but no jobs! It takes over a million naira to maintain a private jet monthly. In the end, it takes more from the churches than it gives back.

“America we all love didn’t become great by building gigantic churches and buying private jets. They invested in their economy!

“The government has failed us. The church has to fill in the gap and do the needful if Nigeria must move forward!”