See What These Enugu Communities Did To Each Other Over Slavery


Following a clash between the people of Ejuona and Ugbene communities, two neighboring villages in Alor Uno, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, over which of them were slaves (Ohu in their dialect), a number of people were wounded while two houses were burnt down.

Even though the fight between Ejuona and Ugbene communities began many years ago, the most recent incident started when the people of Ugbene found out that their Ejuona neighbours were said to have secretly written a constitution which they deposited with the Government of Enugu State without their knowledge.

According to the stipulation of the secret constitution, the people of Ugbene were not permitted to take any title including the traditional rulership of the area as they were seen as a lesser version of the human race who should by no means have any relationship with real humans.

As revealed by the result of investigations carried out, the Ugbene people were also prohibited from passing through some track roads in the town as they were roads meant to be used only by the true sons and daughters of the community.

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It was reported that a young man simply identified as Sunday, from the Ugbene village who passed through the road on Monday was given a hot pursuit by youths from Ejuona who inflicted serious injuries on him with a machete. As a result of the deep cut on the victim’s head, he was rushed to the hospital where he is said to be in a critical condition.

Some of the people who did not want their identities disclosed reported that the feud between Ejuona and Ugbene communities continued as the people of Ugbene resolved to challenge the extremely unpleasant practice with their youths carrying out a counter-stroke attack on Sunday which led to the destruction of houses and vehicles in both communities.

The traditional ruler of Alor Uno, Igwe Ngwu Nweze and other leaders of Ejuona, including Mr. Gilbert Omeje and their counterparts in Ugbene were said to be holding a meeting with the Area Commander, Nsukka Police Command, ACP Sunday Kuryasi, even as policemen had already been deployed to Alor Uno to maintain peace.

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