EFCC To Re-Arrest And Detain Femi Fani-Kayode Indefinitely


Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Former Minister of Aviation and spokesperson of the PDP presidential campaign organization at the 2015 election, has alleged that the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, is planning to re-arrest and detain him despite been granted bail by the Federal High Court in Lagos.

According to Mr. Kayode, the information was leaked to him by his sources within the anti-graft agency who also told him that the commission plans to detain him for as long as possible for politically-motivated charges which there is no truth in or substance to them whatsoever.

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He said:

“I have been reliably informed by my sources within the EFCC that they are planning to re-arrest and detain me for as long as possible once again even though I have been granted bail by the Federal High Court in Lagos.

“Fresh charges were filed against me by the EFCC at the Federal High Court in Abuja on July 7. The allegations border on a baseless allegation and false claim that I received N26 million from the NSA’s office in 2014. These are politically-motivated charges and there is no truth in or substance to them whatsoever.”

Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode also known as FFK, stated this in a Facebook post on his page adding that the case had been assigned to a judge and the date for arraignment had been set for November 10 before Justice John Tsoho of the Federal High Court in Abuja. He explained that his lawyers were present in court for the initial date of arraignment on the 14th of October but for some unknown reasons, the EFCC did not show up on that day.

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“The matter was therefore adjourned till 10th November and my lawyers have given an undertaking to the Judge to ensure that I am in court on that day. They have also written to the EFCC to that effect and our letter was acknowledged by them.

“Because of that the matter is now seized of the court yet the EFCC are still planning to arrest me probably at the premises of the Federal High Court in Lagos after I appear there on Friday 21st October to attend my trial on the trumped-up and, again, politically-motivated charges concerning the presidential campaign funds.

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He said the commission was desperate to keep him out of circulation and off the streets, adding that he had been reliably informed that the Presidency had ordered them to ensure that that is the case.

Besides him, he said that the EFCC was also planning to arrest his wife and his eight- month old son just to hurt and spite him even though they had by no means done nothing wrong.

Painting a picture of what will happen after he is thrown into detention FFK wrote:

“By the time I am in their custody they will start churning out all manner of garbage and lies to the media about me and my family and they will say all sorts of things about supposedly new matters which they have ‘just discovered’ and ‘fresh allegation’.

“They will even claim that I have admitted to certain crimes, that I have been badly implicated and that I, in turn, have implicated other people. Please do NOT believe a word of these dirty lies when they start flowing. It is called disinformation and the EFCC indulge in it all the time.

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 “That is their stock in trade and they will feed the press with all manner of garbage knowing that I am not there to defend myself, to set the record straight or to expose their fabrications.

“That is their way. That is their style. They will say and do anything to demonise, humiliate, destroy, convict on the pages of newspapers and detain indefinately (with the aid of questionable detention orders from equally questionable magistrates and judges) those that they hate and all their perceived enemies.

“Their plan is to attempt to justify keeping me off the streets for the next one month and even longer even though I am already out on court bail.”

The outspoken critique further stated that his only crime against the present government is speaking the bitter truth “and I am very proud of that.” He also revealed that he has been aware of the plan to detain him for more than a month.

However, he said:

“I am not scared or intimidated and I urge them to do their worse and let God judge between us. The more evil they do to me, the more the coals of fire will pour on their heads. Also the more the President will continue to fail woefully and have all manner of strange and inexplicable problems.

“Wickedness and wicked men never last. No matter what they do to me that is my consolation. They are bullies and cowards and they have no shame.”