Edo State Begins Recruitment Of 5,000 Teachers As Promised


The Edo State government has announced the commencement of its plan to employ 5,000 teachers for its public primary and secondary schools. This was made known by the state ​c​ommissioner for ​e​ducation​, ​Gideon Obakhan while issuing speech today. According to Mr. Obakhan, 50 science and special teachers had already been recruited for those with special needs and induction and orientation programmes have been organised for the teachers.

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The teachers were screened properly to ensure they are typically qualified for the job. This is no wonder as the video of a teacher in Edo State who couldn’t read made rounds on the internet last few months. He noted that proper analysis is being carried out currently to be sure of the number they actually need.

Quoting Mr. Obakhan

They have concluded this and they are being posted out to different schools in the state. We are also going to start the process of the employment of 3,000 teachers within a short while. We have carried out an analysis to that effect. Our long term plan is to have about 5,000 teachers before the end of 2016.

“We are still doing an analysis to be sure we are getting efficiency. Because of the separation of senior secondary and junior secondary schools, there have been some requests for teachers. We need to do some analysis to know the exact number that we need now but we know that there have been some complaints about teachers in some schools.”

The commissioner further hinted that the state would take the required number of teachers to run its schools, and that many of them would be posted to rural areas. He stated:

“We are also taking a firm stand on redistribution of teachers across schools in the state. We have made it clear that there will be no preference in teacher redistribution, including those already in the system because lot of people lobby to remain in the urban centres. We have made it known to them that people in the rural areas are not less important than those in the cities. So, if you are ready to take up appointment, you should be ready to go anywhere,”.

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