Those Calling For Asset Sale Are “Economic Predators”– Shehu Sani


Senator Shehu Sani has described those calling for the sale of the country’s national assets as “economic predators” and profiteers who want to take advantage of the situation in the country.

Senator Sani said most of them aim to make money from the sales, instead of finding solutions to the recession.

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Adding that they are not interested in investing in agriculture or buying the Ajaokuta steel company because they see them as unprofitable, but have their eyes on the NNPC and NLNG.

Condemning  the suggestion as being  against the interest of the nation, Senator Sani tweeted:

“The call for the sale of our National assets and investment is condemnable.The proponents are economic predators and parasites who wants to profit from the recession.Nigerians must resist and rise up against this heists and roguery.

“They don’t want to buy Ajaokuta steel company because it’s not profitable;they don’t want to invest in solid minerals,Agriculture or science and technology,they don’t want to invest in the exploration of oil in Chad basin or Benue trough; They want to buy NLNG and NNPC.”

In a statement to Premium Times on Friday, Shehu Sani further stated that:

“Nigeria’s capitalist forces raped Nigeria into recession and now they want to kill and bury it.

“There is currently nothing to show for the sale of government houses, (and) firms. The advocates of the sale of our collective national asset simply want to dispossess Nigerians and expand their business empire.

“They call themselves private sector and businessmen; they refused to invest in agriculture, solid minerals or science and technology, they simply want to buy off the profitable public asset.

“There are no captains of industry in Nigeria other than crony businessmen, rent seekers, commission agents who depend on patronage from the government.”

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He, therefore, called on Nigerians to rise up against any attempt to sell the country’s asset, arguing that, “Selling our national asset to stem recession is like selling one’s lungs to buy food.