Everything You Need To Know About Ecobank Mobile Banking  

The Ecobank Mobile Banking service was created to let the bank’s customers perform regular banking transactions such as; make payments, transfer money and check their account statements directly from their handheld mobile phones that are compatible with the bank’s mobile banking application or can perform USSD functions with Ecobank mobile application program.

You might have heard about the Ecobank Mobile Banking app but there may be a lot you do not know about it. For starters, Ecobank Mobile Banking works smoothly on Android phones, iOS devices or any other smartphone. With the aforementioned devices at hand, here’s all you need to know about it.

Everything You Need To Know About Ecobank Mobile Banking  

The Ecobank mobile banking can be done in two major ways:

  1. Via USSD code and
  2. By downloading the Application (App) on your smartphone.

Ecobank Mobile Banking Via USSD

1. Mobile Banking via USSD is currently available in Nigeria and other African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

2. It is dubbed “the power to bank at your find tips,” and involves typing the code allotted to your country on your mobile phone to transfer your money within Ecobank or to other banks.

3. The key features of Ecobank mobile banking through USSD code includes:

  • Making instant transfers
  • Checking your account balances
  • Paying your bills
  • Reading mini-statements
  • Buying airtimes.

4. It is imperative to note that any type of phone, not necessary a smartphone (Android or iOS) works for USSD code.

5. USSD Codes for host countries

For those in Nigeria – dial *326# on your mobile phone
For those in Kenya – dial *335#
For people in Tanzania – dial *150*18#
For those in Uganda – dial *235#

Ecobank Mobile Banking App

The Ecobank Mobile Banking App is safe, secure and available for everyone who has a smartphone with internet access wherever they go.

An added benefit of using the Ecobank mobile app is the access to having an e-wallet account with which you can perform routine banking transactions with on your mobile phones.

To start using the banking services, the steps to follow are as simple as these listed below

  • Download the App to your compatible device
  • Open the App and click on New User and Register your banking data on it
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If you have already started using the Ecobank mobile app but had a change of device just

  • Download the same App to your new device
  • Validate it by dialing *326# using your Registered PIN
  • Change your PIN
  • Log on to the App to start using it again.

Links to Ecobank Mobile Banking App

For – Android OS
For – iOS Devices (Apple)

NOTE: Ecobank App For Microsoft Windows Phone Users is not yet available.

Ecobank Mobile Banking  

Key Benefits Of Using The App

1. With a presence in over 33 countries in Africa, you can easily send money across the continent by as soon as you open an account on your mobile phone.

2. With Ecobank Pay – Visa or Masterpass you have the convenience of shopping cash-free

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3. You can Pay bills, top up airtime, buy airline tickets …etc on your mobile phone.

4. Anyone with a VISA or MasterCard from any other bank can also enjoy the Ecobank mobile banking instant services.

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Overall Benefits of Mobile Banking

Since the evolution of mobile phones, financial institutions has enabled avenues for mobile money transfers or services to thrive in the developing countries. Statistics have shown an ever-growing proportion of mobile transfer for a number of reasons beneficial to users.

1. It’s ease to pay for goods and services and transfer money from almost anywhere in Nigeria.

2. It’s accessibility even to rural residents who have access to internet connection.

3. As more people embrace mobile banking, they relish the idea of not waiting the long queues at rush hours at banks. Or transporting themselves to banks to conduct transactions. Thereby enabling them to transfer money to family, friends and to merchants using their mobile devices.

4. Mobile Banking reduces the need for moving around with physical cash, thus creating a firewall for theft.

5. Mobile banking has the potential to keep pace with consumer’s needs and expectations to transfer money at any day or time – 24/7, no matter how little the fund.

6. It has also boosted economic growth and social development on both the micro and macro level with its widespread capacity, unlike the traditional banks.


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