Say NO to Body Shaming – Nollywood Actress


Everyone has a right to their own body as well as their opinion. For Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo, nobody has the right to shame anyone’s body.

The actress finally responded to her social media critics this morning, June 7, 2016, after weeks of receiving insulting comments for trying to lose so much weight. One of her followers went to her Instagram page and called her “hipless” and “skinny”.

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The movie star obviously did not tolerate such a comment even though it was coming from a fan. She dropped a note to that effect stating that her body, in whatever shape or form it is, is not the business of ‘body shamers’ as their opinion barely counts.

Ebube posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it:

“There Is No Wrong Way To Have A Body. Its One’s Choice And Decision To Look Whichever Way He Or She Wants To Look,Whether Fat, Slim, Skinny, Flabby, Fit, Healthy, Unhealthy, whichever. Its Ur Body, Ur Choice, Ur Life.

“And Nothing Gives Anybody The RIGHT to #BodyShame Anyone. Enough Of It! If Anyone Has A Problem With My *Slim*Skinny*Hipless Body..That’s Ur Problem,Not Mine! I Love Me, Just The Way I Am. That’s All That Matters!! #PutSomeRespecOnMyBody #SayNoToBodyShaming.”

The young actress is known for her hourglass shape, which has landed her some prominent roles in the movie industry as well as brought some wealthy guys her way. She is proud of her body and thinks it is no body’s business however she chooses to package it.

Ebube Nwagbo

Ebube Nwagbo

Here is a screenshot of her comment


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Meanwhile, Ebube and her three other celebrity friends, Rukky Sandy, Ini Edo and Oge Okoye, are famous for wearing skimpy clothes and showing off their body. Although Ebube seems like the calmest among her friends, fans won’t let her enjoy her hot body just the way she wants it.