DStv Padi Channels List and Package Subscription Price

The DStv Padi package has over 45 TV channels and 11 audio channels. The package comes with a monthly subscription price of N2,500 and an annual subscription price of N27,500.

DStv has six packages to suit customers’ needs at any time. The highest on the list is DStv Premium, followed by DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Confam, DStv Yanga, and DStv Padi. Most of those using DStv do so because of the different channels and packages it has. It is good for the old and the young and covers channels from around the world.

DStv Padi has many channels for Nollywood dramas and movies, wildlife documentaries, international telenovelas, sports highlights, international news, kiddies shows, etc. This package is the most affordable among the six DStv packages. It is the cheapest and offers a lot of channels for its subscribers.

DStv Padi Channels List 2024

DStv Padi has over 45 TV channels and 11 audio channels. Below is a list of channels contained in the DStv Padi package.

  • Channel 118 – Telemundo
  • Channel 156 – Africa Magic Hausa
  • Channel 157 – Africa Magic Yoruba
  • Channel 159 – Africa Magic Igbo
  • Channel 182 – NatGeo Wild
  • Channel 190 – Spice TV
  • Channel 194 – Televista
  • Channel 195 – Trybe
  • Channel 220 – SuperSport Blitz
  • Channel 250 – eTV Africa
  • Channel 251 – NTA I
  • Channel 252 Silverbird
  • Channel 253 – AIT
  • Channel 254 – Channels
  • Channel 255 – MiTV
  • Channel 256 – LAGOS TV
  • Channel 257 – ONMAX
  • Channel 258 – Galaxy TV
  • Channel 259 – Wazobia Max
  • Channel 260 – OGtv
  • Channel 261 – Arewa 24
  • Channel 262 – WAP TV
  • Channel 275 – K24
  • Channel 280 – Adom TV
  • Channel 310 – Jim Jam
  • Channel 319 – Mindset
  • Channel 325 – Trace Naija
  • Channel 326 – AFRO Music English
  • Channel 328 – Urban TV
  • Channel 329 – Fiesta TV
  • Channel 341 – FAITH
  • Channel 342 – Day Star
  • Channel 343 – TBN
  • Channel 345 – SBN
  • Channel 347 – Islam Channel
  • Channel 348 – Eternal Word Television Network
  • Channel 349 – Dove TV
  • Channel 350 – Lumen Christi
  • Channel 351 – Sunna TV
  • Channel 369 – NTA 2
  • Channel 379 – NTA parliament
  • Channel 390 – Emmanuel TV
  • Channel 400 – BBC World News
  • Channel 415 – CNC World
  • Channel 416 – Arise News
  • Channel 418 – TVC News Nigeria
  • Channel 419 – NTA News 24
  • Channel 421 Joy News
  • Channel 451 – B4U Movies
  • Channel 680 – TV Mundial (P)

List of DStv Padi Audio Channels 

  • Channel 850 – BBC World Service English
  • Channel 851 – BBC World Radio 2
  • Channel 852 – BBC African Languages
  • Channel 853 – Voice of America
  • Channel 854 – World Radio Network
  • Channel 865 – Channel Islam Internationale
  • Channel 866 – Radio France Internationale
  • Channel 868 – RAYFM (868)
  • Channel 869 – Star
  • Channel 870 – Rhythm (870)
  • Channel 872 – TransAfrica Radio

DStv Padi Channels List Subscription Price

The DStv Padi channels list subscription price for a month is N2,500, while the annual subscription is N27,500. For the monthly subscription, the subscriber enjoys Shwmax at no extra cost, can stream on two devices and watch on three up to three decoders, and download shows to their tablets and smartphones. The annual subscription comes with all the benefits of the monthly subscription and the subscriber pays for 11 months with a month free.

How to Make Payments for the DStv Padi Package

DStv Padi
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To make payments for your DStv Padi package, there are many ways. Note that the subscription to DStv Padi is done monthly or annually. Failure to pay the subscription fee will result in the subscriber being cut off from viewing the channels. Payments and subscriptions to the DStv packages can be made in the following ways.

  • It can be done at the Multichoice offices.
  • Subscribers can renew their subscriptions with their phones over the internet with internet banking services.
  • It can be done in the bank.
  • Also, the subscription can be done with the MyDStv App and other mobile apps that support the payment.
  • You can also pay through the USSD code.
  • Payment can also be carried out through POS and ATM.

How to Pay for Your DStv Padi Subscription at the Multichoice Office or Other Vendors

  • Visit any MultiChoice office near you
  • Go with your Smart card number and phone number
  • Pay for the DStv Padi bouquet and activate or renew the subscription
  • The subscription is done and will reflect within a short period of time.
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How to Subscribe for DStv Padi Channels Online

  • Visit selfservice.dstvafrica.com/en-ng/mydstv-sign-in
  • Sign in to your account by filling in the spaces provided
    • input your surname or mobile
    • enter your smartcard number
    • Click sign in
  • Then you can follow the instructions and carry out your payment.

There are other sites online that you can make your payments with. Here is one of them.

  • Visit www.vtpass.com/dstv
  • Select the bouquet or package you need
  • Enter your DStv smartcard number
  • Input your phone number
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter the price of the package

How to Subscribe for DStv Padi Channels With the MyDStv Mobile App

The MyDStv App is a mobile app that makes it easy for subscribers to access their DStv account, carry out several transactions, and make payments. For you to pay for your DStv subscription with the App, you have to download and sign up on it first. For payments;

  • Open the MyDStv app and click on View/Pay
  • Select a payment method
  • Choose your package
  • Enter the amount, and follow the prompt till the payment is successful

How to Pay for DStv Padi Channels with USSD Code

With the USSD code payment, you can either pay through the eTransact Mobile code or Stanbic Mobile. Other banks have their codes for the DStv payment, but these two are available on the DStv website. The eTransact option allows you to pay for your DStv subscription from your bank account through your mobile phone. If you wish to pay with this, dial *389*9*smartcardnumber# and follow the prompt. Choose the DStv Padi package and pay the correct amount.

In the same way, if you wish to pay with Stanbic Mobile Wallet.

  • Dial *909#
  • Select the fourth option and send by pressing Register
  • Fill out the customer information required, choose the right package, and send
  • Or you can pay by dialing *909*60#
  • You can also pay with Stanbic online

How to Make Payments at the Bank

All the banks in Nigeria accept payments for the DStv subscription. With the banks, you can either pay instantly or set up a direct debit order. The direct debit order will automatically renew your subscription monthly or annually, as the case may be. With this, you mustn’t visit the bank always. They collect the money from your account and renew your subscription for you.

For instant payments at the bank:

  • Go to the bank with your smartcard number
  • Pay for the DStv Padi package and collect the evidence of payment.

What Kind of User Does DStv Padi Suit?

From what we have on the DStv packages, DStv Padi suits those subscribers who can afford to pay N1,850 monthly for its subscription. Most people go for this relatively cheaper package because it has many channels to suit both old and young. Even if you cannot subscribe for the month, there are some free channels for you.

Regular subscribers of this package include businesses, hotels, hospitals, and private and public enterprises that wish to provide entertainment for their customers. They go for the most affordable package to avoid spending more money on monthly subscriptions. Families with limited sources of income also go for the DStv Padi package.

DStv Padi Has Been Available Since 2019

DStv Padi came into existence and was made available towards the end of 2019. This does not mean that the channels contained in the package have not been in existence. Instead, the channels have existed under other DStv packages and are still there.


How Many Channels Are in Dstv Padi?

DStv Padi has over 45 TV channels and 11 audio channels. It also has High-definition channels.

Does Dstv Padi Show Big Brother?

No, DStv Padi does not show Big Brother. The show is not accessible as channel 198, which is where the show airs live, is not part of the package. To watch Big Brother Naija, you will need to upgrade your DStv Padi package to a higher package that includes the channel

Is Zeeworld on Dstv Padi

No, Zeewrld is not n DStv Padi. If you’re interested in watching Zee World, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher package that includes the channel.


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