Two Shameless Lovers Have Sex On The Street In Broad Day Light


Many people usually give the excuse that drinking helps them to relax their nerves and forget their sorrows but they always fail to mention that when it’s taken in excess, it drives you to do the most bizarre things that will end up surprising even the ‘actor’ when he recovers from from the alcoholic influence. This is exactly the case of two drunk lovers who in their state of drunkenness, shocked people after they decided to have sex at a street corner in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.

Explaining details of the incident which happened in Zimbabwe, an eye witness said the drunk man identified as Lovemore Jiri who works at the Laboritory section Triangle mill, got drunk to the extent of loosing his morals and hooked up with a woman only identified as Cathrine who was also in the same mood. They had gone drinking at Tockridge bar before getting drunk and losing control.

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In the afternoon of the said day, pair moved on to Rufaro B compound where they had agreed to have a quickie but could not reach the house they had intended to use. Instead, they decided to use a road billboard at Mugodhoyi street.

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Onlookers were taken aback as the two drunk lovers began their romp in broad daylight while under the influence of alcohol. Unable to stomach her disdain, a house wife whose house is close to where the duo performed said: “Police must arrest these people. This is real public indecency which can not be condoned’.

A woman in Virginia named Kimberly Jackson, 36, was arrested for having sex with her unconscious boyfriend in a parking lot in broad daylight outside a busy shopping area in East Virginia Beach Boulevard on Tuesday September 8th. When police was called to the scene of the sex act by mortified passersby, they found the man, Earl Palmer, unresponsive while the woman straddled him. They later told police, they did it because they were drunk…