Valentine Rules: The Dos And Don’ts Of St. Valentine’s Day 


It’s less than a week to Valentine’s day and the whole world is gearing up for the big love day, yet not everybody understands what to do and what not to do on Valentine’s day. Hence we bring you list of how to survive the day without a rebound.

Valentine is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, a widely recognized third-century Roman saint who was commemorated on February 14 and known for he’s  associated with a tradition of courtly love.

The day was officially marked for everyone to express love in the best ways they know how, and it usually goes with an exchange of gifts, extravagant or not – flowers, chocolate, greeting cards etc…but there are things you can and can’t do on Valentine’s day and they are:

DON’T: Never make light of it

You’re probably single and thinking ‘what the heck do I have to celebrate?’ so you rather sit home and squander all that ‘love’ on no one in particular. Well, who says you can’t pay a visit to others in the neighborhood; friends, elderly or to the orphanage and bring them gifts and smiles. If you want to show some love at the office by giving gifts to your colleagues, bring for everyone – it could be biscuits/cookies, candies etc – so as not to hurt some other’s feelings.

DO: Make the day splendid

Shower your fellow savvy single friends with affection and fanfare, invite your pals over for a singles soiree of board games and cocktails, a decadent dinner party, a movie marathon, by all mine, make yourself and others happy!

DON’T: Never think only of what to expect

Okay, this is the part where you ditch your selfishness and think of how to make the day a memorable one. You’ll be less disappointed and happy if you don’t focus too much on what he or she gives you on Valentine’s day celebration.

DO: Think also of what to give

Be generous and share out whatever gifts that come from your heart and focus on other fun ways to enjoy the day.

Valentine Special: The Dos And Don'ts On Valentine's Day 

DON’T: Never start flirting to snatch a date few days to Valentine’s Day

This can happen to you if you pick an impulsive date and both of you ends up like driftwoods in the ocean of love or lust. Even if you meet someone cool right before Valentine’s Day, don’t set your first date for the big day, otherwise, both of you can get awkward and uncomfortable when couples around you begin the love tango – kissing and mesmerizing in lovers web.

DO: Give yourself a special treat

Rather than hoping to get a one time hitch with the opposite sex, Go shopping (or window shopping if you don’t have money), dress up nicely and go eat out at a nice fancy restaurant and maybe even meet interesting people at a fair or entertainment gathering.

DON’T: Never let your negative emotions get in the way

Keep your emotions in check and don’t let it ruin Valentine’s day otherwise, it will ruin your day and that of anybody around you. Don’t complain act the drama queen spread negative vibe into the celebration. Smile and laugh a lot by channeling all your thoughts to the beautiful things in life

DO: Tell your date how you feel on Valentine’s day

By all mines do tell your sweetheart about all that lovely feelings that is bottled up inside. Never be afraid to express that love verbally and being more romantic than ever before.