Doris Simeon Shares How She Had a Baby While Producing a Movie


In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, Nollywood actress, and filmmaker, Doris Simeon talks about the most challenging part of her career as an actress and mother. According to the actress, she just had a baby and went on set to produce and play two roles at the same time while her baby was only a few months old. Unfortunately, she lost her father at almost the same time while trying to handle all of these.

Doris Simeon is an award-winning Yoruba and English actress. She was born and raised in Lagos. The actress came to the spotlight in 2001, in a movie entitled Oloju Ede. She is popular for her roles in movies such as “Oloju Ede”, “Alakada”, “Onitemi”, “Ten Million Naira”, “Modupe Temi”, “Silence”among others.

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According to Doris, this most challenging experience happened when she was producing the movie “Omo Iya Kan,” which was directed by her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinnokan, who is now married to Stella Damasus.

“It was when I did “Omo Iya Kan. I was producing, playing two characters in a movie, and I just had my baby who was just 3 months then, and I just lost my dad,” she said. So, it was kind of challenging, but then, it all went well.”

Speaking on how easy it is to get roles in Nollywood, the actress said; “I don’t think it’s really difficult. If you know your onions, and you always see yourself as the best, the scriptwriter and producers will always look for you.”

Doris Simeon
Doris Simeon, husband, and son

Doris Simeon graduated from the PEFTI Film Institute, where she studied production management. She then featured in three episodes of the Papa Ajasco comedy series.

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Back to singlehood, Doris Simeon now focuses on her child and movie career. Although she once had a fight with Stella Damasus for snatching her man, the actress cum director has moved on with her life as there are over 1 billion single men on earth from which she can always find another husband.

Doris Simeon
Stella Damasus and her husband (Doris Simeon’s ex-husband)