What Is Donation Hub And How Does It Work?

Donation Hub is a self-acclaimed platform established with the purpose of helping members attain a certain level of financial freedom. It is basically, a donation exchange platform – where a peer to peer donation takes place

If there is a sure way of drawing the attention of Nigerians, it is through money-doubling schemes. In recent time, the country has witnessed the rise and fall of many Ponzi schemes, including Donation Hub which has been described as a self-acclaimed payment channel established with the purpose of connecting members to selflessly help one another by sharing and receiving donations in return.

While Donation Hub is not as popular as MMM, Ultimate Cycler, Twinkas, Loopers and their likes, it sure boasts an impressive number of registered users across Nigeria.

Here, you’ll get to know more about the lesser-known donation platform, how payments are made and received, and other facts you can’t find elsewhere.

What Is Donation Hub?

Though many consider the group as a new variation of Ponzi Scheme, the invisible brains behind its creations think otherwise. To them, the scheme is nothing but a group of ordinary people helping each other to attain a certain level of financial freedom.

Like other Ponzi schemes, there are no traces of Donation Hub’s staff or creators. Rather, the system boasts a very sophisticated website that makes it less difficult to woo newcomers.

How Does It Work?

Becoming a member on Donation Hub starts right after an intending member successfully registers his/herself on the platform.

Registration on the perceived Ponzi Scheme is done online. People who are interested in the scheme are mandated to complete the registration form by entering full details about themselves, including their username, valid and accessible email account, password, and contact number in international format (+1213789098).

After registration, prospective members are asked to patiently wait for a confirmatory email from Donation Hub. Once an intending member receives the email, he/she instantly joins the forum and is expected to log in with their password and username to gain access to their newly created account.

Once a member gains access to his account, the next thing he is expected to do is to complete his profile including his fund processing options which could be any of the following – Mobile Money, local bank transfer, Neteller, PayPal, ATM deposits, Bitcoin address/account, and/or any other fund processor accepted by Donation Hub.

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One major reason it is important for participants to attach a payment processor is that it helps in speeding up the process to help them receive donations from other members.

The next stage is the Donation schedule. Donation Hub features two donation options which are scheduled and Instant donations. Both donation options are available for long and short-term donation.

Donation Hub

Whichever option you choose, you are expected to pick a donation recipient, the amount you want to donate, and the option of donation transfer.

Once you choose a recipient, the next action is to obtain his/her details, get in touch with the recipient and then go to your outgoing donation box and click ‘paid’ after sending your donation across to the receiver. He/she is expected to confirm your donation once it enters into his/her account.

As a participant, once you donate $50 or more, you’ll be automatically scheduled to receive a donation from other members on a scheduled date, that is, incoming donation. However, the system will withhold a percentage of your donation for some reasons which include maintenance, balancing of donation amongst participants, and recommitment.

The scheme pays 15 dollars to any participant who helps a newcomer to complete his registration and make a donation.

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Quick Facts about Donation Hub

1. The peer-to-peer exchange platform is a worldwide donation scheme.

2. The social networking site is open for people with access to the internet.

3. Donation Hub began operation sometime in November 2017.

4. Support on the platform is available 24 hours/5days a week.

5. The Scheme accepts international participants and users are encouraged to maximize bitcoins cryptocurrency.

6. Donation Hub has a sophisticated communication platform that allows participants to chat with their peers.

7. The scheme features what they call ‘donation transactions’. It basically shows all participants who have donated to a member and whom the member has made a donation to. It is located on the left side menu on the site.

8. Members are usually advised to always be online in order to make things easier. Being online at the time of donation, receiving of donation, and confirmation of donation helps to resolve issues quickly.


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