Donald Trump Fails To Keep To Promise, Returns To Twitter, Attacks New York Times


After his win last week, the US President-elect Donald Trump promised to stay away from Twitter and tweeting.

However, he could not resist the urge to make a statement as he tweeted at New York Times over the report of disorganization in his transition team.

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In a series of tweets, Donald Trump singled out the New York Times for saying world leaders have had trouble getting in touch with him, also denouncing the reports of disorganization in his team overseeing his transition to the White House come January 2017.

Trump listed several world leaders he had spoken with since his he won on November 8 against his opponent, Democrat candidate, Hilary Clinton.

On Tuesday, 15th November, the Times, a frequent target of Trump’s Twitter blasts, said that the Untied State allies were scrambling to figure out how and when to contact the 70-year old business mogul and blindly dialing in to Trump Tower in New York to try to reach him.

The newspaper said Trump, who has never held any public office, was working without official State Department briefing materials in his dealings with foreign leaders.


Trump has mostly stuck to normal practice for a U.S. president-elect with the order in which he has spoken to foreign leaders since his surprise election victory.

However, a couple of his contacts have stretched the limits of the usual protocol, leaving some U.S. allies rattled about Trump’s foreign policy instincts and priorities.

On November 13, Trump had also taken to Twitter to state that New York Times was remorseful over the way it covered his campaign for presidency because they lost subscribers while trying to hate on him.

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He also announced on Twitter that same day, that the Bushs, who were once against him, have called to congratulate him over his victory.