Donald Trump Sued For Sexual Discrimination Against Women


American presidential candidate, Donald Trump sued for sexual discrimination against women.

In the past, the Democratic presidential candidate has been here has been criticized by some as being sexist.

Hillary Clinton during the recent presidential debate raised questions about how horrible Trump was to former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

The billionaire businessman turned politician now faces a lawsuit filed by former employees at one of his golf courses.

Included in the suit are statements that Trump wanted women fired for being unattractive and replaced with better-looking women.

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According to the statement, it was not that anything was wrong with the work performance of the women.

Rather that Trump didn’t want them there because they didn’t look good enough for him.

One of the employees was Haley Strozier, a former catering director at the golf course.

In her statement, Strozier claimed she was ordered to fire women specifically because Trump didn’t find them attractive.

Strozier claimed one colleague who was “highly competent and professional” was ordered by the Vice President of the company to be fired because she was overweight.

Donald Trump Sued By Former Employees For Sexist Behaviour

She said in her statement:

“At some point in approximately 2003, Vincent Stellio — a vice president of our company — instructed me to fire Ms ***.

“Mr. Stellio told me that I should do this because “Mr. Trump doesn’t like fat people.” And he would not like seeing Ms *** when he was on the premises.”

Strozier further alleged that she had refused to obey the order. and was told she would probably get in trouble for it.

As a result, she was told she would probably get in trouble for it.

Later in her statement, Strozier again claimed she was told almost a year later by another of her superiors to fire the same lady.

She again refused to obey the order, telling her boss to fire her as well if that was the case.

Strozier said her boss decided it would be best if they “hid” the employee whenever Trump came to the property.

That way, they would avoid getting him upset with her being present.

Also in the lawsuit declaration, Strozier mentioned that after a while the managers figured it be best to adjust employees schedules.

Donald Trump Sued For Sexual Discrimination

Reasons being so that the less attractive employees weren’t working when Mr. Trump visited the premises.

Another female employee, Sue Kwiatkowsky, gave a similar recollection of her employment at the Trump golf course.

Kwiatkowsky who was a restaurant manager at the golf course claimed in her sworn statement that Trump told her directly to hire attractive hostesses.

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According to her:

“One time he took me aside and said ‘I want you to get some good-looking hostesses in here.

“People like to see good looking people when they walk in.'”

She further claimed that because of that and other statements made by Trump, schedules were adjusted so more attractive staff were working when he came in.

According to the LA Times report on this lawsuit, employees who complained about unfair work practices were settled out of court for almost $500,000.

The report alleged that a woman who was fired for complaining about the treatment of women was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Despite the settlements, Trump’s company management have not admitted to any wrongdoing.

Will this affect trump’s chances at the polls a few weeks away?