Donald Trump To Have Phone Conversation With Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari Today


The US President, Donald Trump and President Muhammadu Buhari are expected to have their first official phone conversation on Monday, February 13 – precisely in the afternoon.

This was disclosed by the Africa correspondent for The Globe, Geoffrey York via his twitter page. According to Geoffrey, Trump will discuss with Buhari on issues concerning the African Day celebration.

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Read his tweets on the said phone conversation:

“Today is ‘Africa day’ for Donald Trump. He speaks by phone to Nigerian president Buhari at 3:45 pm (Lagos time); then speaks to Jacob Zuma.

“Trump is scheduled to speak by phone to Zuma today at 5:10 pm, after speaking to Buhari first.

“Buhari’s phone call with Trump today will be fascinating; many Nigerians frustrated that Buhari has been gone from Nigeria for over 3 weeks.

“Nigerians, having heard almost nothing from Buhari for 24 days, are wondering how Donald Trump will even locate him for the phone call today.”

Today is “Africa day” for Donald Trump. He speaks by phone to Nigerian president Buhari at 3:45 pm (Lagos time); then speaks to Jacob Zuma.

Expectations will definitely be high among Nigerians of what would be the outcome of both Presidents phone conversation. It can be recalled that Trump had criticised the Nigeria’s president way before he became president of United States of America. In one of his numerous pitches, Donald Trump said described Buhari as insensitive to his country’s terrible hardship as he (Buhari) continued to perambulate all around the globe without focus.

Here’s what President Trump said during his campaign for the presidency:

“No sensible President continuously travel around the globe while his country Nigeria is in terrible hardship and economic mess. It can only happen in Nigeria where all…..Read More that matters to the president is the full introduction of Islam, annihilation of his political opponents and absolute extermination of the people of the old eastern Nigeria.

“Buhari, prior to his questionable polls as the president of Nigeria made lots promises which he has obviously failed to keep and in most cases, denied.”

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Nigeria’s President had taken a sick leave from his position since January 19, and so far, no trustworthy information about his health status or date of his return from UK has been released by the presidency.

However, photos of Buhari receiving guests in London where he is recuperating has been posted on the presidency media outlet. But many Nigerians are yet to be convinced of his health status as they insist he addresses the people accordingly via any suitable means.

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