Dog Meat Business Thriving For Women In Bauchi State


Unique cravings for dog meat delicacy has become the latest grounds for which dog meat business is thriving in Tafawa Balewa town of Bauchi State.

Before now, meat selling business which was seen as an exclusive reserve for the men-folk, but had now become an ‘all-embracing’ trade for both men and women, is reportedly yielding lots of profit to women in the area.

Once it seemed like the men were no longer interested in the business, the women dived into the trade which is already a booming business for them.

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NAN reports that one of the traders said that meat for dog meat delicacy, was fast becoming a scarce commodity in the market because the male butchers were gradually neglecting the dog meat business.


Some of the women traders decided to take to the trade because their male counterparts were gradually abandoning it and venturing into other trades.

Because of the lucrative nature of the business, the neglect by the men has opened up an opportunity for women, not just to prepare and sell dog meat, but also breed and market the animal, which are expensive especially during the festive seasons, with the least price being N5000.

Since people in the community love eating the meat, a new window of opportunity has been created for the women to make money, feed their families and satisfy the needs of the people.

Dog meat delicacy which has been described as one with a unique taste has become a favourite cuisine among some people of the area, and has great value.

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One of the traders claim that dog meat had medicinal effect as it could serve as cure for some diseases. He stresses that eating dog meat prevents one from any attack and also serves as an antidote to some diseases.