DJ Zeez in Hot Soup, Court Orders Him to Refund N22 Million


A Nigerian court has orders singer DJ Zeez to Refund over N22 Million to his Record Label “HF Music.” The reason is simple! Artistes are usually advised to properly read contracts, understand and digest the terms before signing, so not to land into trouble. DJ Zeez, like a few other Nigerian musicians who has had issues with their record label in the past, has failed to adhere to the terms of their contract.

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The singer and producer faulted by refusing to record new songs for the record label thereby breaching the contract. Now he has dragged himself into a court mess involving such a huge amount of money. According to sources, the singer was taken to court in September 2015 by HF Music following his inability to meet his obligations as outlined in his contract, with the main complaint stating that the he refused to record music.

Read court document to Mr Zeez


The presiding judge, Honourable Justice B.A. Oke-Lawal in the case brought before the High Court of Lagos State, ordered that Zeez, real name – Kingsley Elikpo, should refund the sum of N22,378,605.70, being the total amount spent by HF Music through various advances made to and on his behalf, from the commencement date of his contract with the label until the point when it was breached by him.

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DJ Zeez is not the first Nigerian musician to have this kind of issue with a record label and will not be the last. The likes of Brymo went low after having issues with his label – Chocolate City. Luckily for him, the matter was settled outside of court, thus his bounce back to the music scene. Until artistes take contracts seriously, they would keep getting into similar problems.

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For DJ Zeez, he has had a hard time finding his voice back after he released his first album which contained major hits like Fokasibe and Boobee back in 2009. He has also had some controversial moments in his career. In May 2011, Zeez parted ways with his long time manager, Tunde Peters. Six months after, her left his former music label, Serengetti Records. Now, he has been sued by his record label, HF Music, for breach of contract and needs to refund them over N22 million. How bad can it get?

Meanwhile, Zeez no longer has the label information on his social media page. The label also has taken off his name from it’s artistes list on their official website, leaving only the newly signed acts – Harmonee, Seven and Big Little. Zeez, in an affidavit submitted to the court, denied the allegation that he was performing shows for other organizations (paid or free) without the label’s consent. The last time he released any music was over a year ago when he released the video for ‘Madam’. This court issue can be the end of his music career if not settled amicably and immediately.