Buzz Nigeria Exclusive: Video – DJ Jimmy Jatt Cool FM Interview With Deon Sowobi Live In Port Harcourt

DJ Jimmy Jatt was live in Port Harcourt for the Hennessy Privilege Night at Lamborghini Lounge and Deon Sowobi of Cool FM had the pleasure of hosting the Legend on his show.

Now i’ve got to say; there are presenters and there are “PRESENTERS” and to be honest, Deon fits in none of the categories as he’s in a totally different league above the rest. Watch the full video below to understand why!

DJ Jimmy Jatt – How It All Started

The interview started with Deon reminding the cool DJ Jimmy Jatt about his childhood days and how he played a big part in it. Taking it way back to Obalende and how DJ Jimmy Jatt was basically the only name recognized when it came to the biggest events at their time.

From the get go it was very clear DJ Jimmy Jatt was very impressed and humbled by the history presented to him. He further went on to thank Deon for those days, as those were actually the foundation to his survival and come up.

How It Used To Go Down At A DJ Jimmy Jatt Party

DJ Jimmy Jatt

Still on the throw back, Deon gave us some little insight on how it used to go down at a DJ Jimmy Jatt Party. He spoke about the tricks Jimmy used via music with the aim of getting the young kids out of the party, so the grown folks could finally have the place to themselves.

DJ Jimmy Jatt was also good at understanding the crowd and knew what he had to do to get everyone coupled up. In Jimmy’s words; “that’s what boys were always looking forward to”. The love, respect and pure gratitude in the studio could hardly be ignored.

The Deejay Industry Right Now

DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt pretty much made the lifestyle and trend for Deejays cool and reputable; an act that was deliberate. It was a conscious effort at changing the way Deejays were earlier perceived. On a lighter note, some shots were thrown at the new age deejays “the ajebos”.

In Deon’s words; “DJ Jimmy Jatt is the guy who has made music what it is in Nigeria today”. Back in the days when it was all about foreign music, DJ Jimmy Jatt was one of the few who dared to be different and infused the Nigerian sound into the system.

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How He Got In The Game And Helped Others

DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt got into Deejaying from being an aspiring artist. He was a popular rapper back then in his neighbourhood, he was also known for his dancing skills. Unfortunately, back then the music industry was one of the hardest to break into, local content was hardly recognized and credit was always given to foreign industries.

Starting off in the system when it was basically as hard as it could get, Jimmy Jatt used his network and public acceptance to help those around him to push their sound.

There is no doubt this was an explosive interview! Big shout out to Deon Sowobi, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Tag Team Entertainment and everyone at Cool FM Port Harcourt.


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