DJ Jimmy Jatt Features on Urban Superstar Top 10, Speaks on 2016 Crisis


Recently, DJ Jimmy Jatt was a host on Urban Superstar Top 10. During the interview, he spoke about the crisis going on in the country – in and out of entertainment. Urban Superstar Top 10 is a radio program on Urban 96 FM where celebrities share their top 10 favourite songs while answering questions nobody else can get them to answer.

The show is hosted by Abby and holds every Wednesday. DJ Jimmy Jatt was the celebrity guest on the last edition and nhe gave his undiluted opinion live on radio. He talked about the most shocking celebrity beef that occurred in 2016 and also how the current fuel hike in Nigeria is affecting him.

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The veteran DJ talked about everything from the meaning of his stage name to how he has been surviving in the industry for the past 2 decades.

Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt says “2016! It just looks like people said to each other how are we going to sell this year? Let’s just start beefing each other. But me I mean, beef is allowed. It’s taken as a disagreement and not beef”. He mentioned that one was the most shocking was the misunderstanding between  Peter and Paul of PSquare, although he said he had known about it for years that they had issues, he thought they could keep on managing it.

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On the Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage marriage crisis, Mr. Jimmy says he personally thinks it was very unfortunate how far the situation got before it became public. He says the couple has issues for a very long time and probably were just putting on a good face and not getting to the crux of the matter.

“They were like the perfect couple to a lot of people. I’m hoping and praying that they just rectify but I’m wishing them the best,” he said.

Born as Jimmy Adewale Amu, DJ Jimmy Jatt was one of the few who made Disk Jockey a profession in Nigeria.  The likes of DJ Neptune, Xclusive, Cuppy and Lambo got inspired by the works of Mr. Jimmy and now DJ’s can earn a good living from it unlike back in the day when they were seen as jobless people.