Divorce: “My Wife Secretly Built A House” See What Happened


LAGOS — A 17-year-old marriage has gone with the wind, when secrecy replaced a bed of roses for Mr and Mrs Haruna Amunikoro. The husband could not forgive what he considered the height of secrecy when he discovered Alimotu (wife) built a house without informing him.

The divorce was filed in a Lagos Island Customary Court where the marriage was finally dissolved on Wednesday May 25, between the transporter and his wife.

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Amuniloro, 42, who resides at No. 91/93 Odunfa St., Lagos Island, in his petition, told the court that his wife, a trader, bought a plot of land in Ikorodu and built a bungalow on it without letting him know.

“My wife has also started giving out tricycle and motorcycle to riders and they pay for them on installment, which is the same business that I do.”

He pleaded with the court:

“I have warned her severally to stop the business but she would not listen. On two occasions she has stabbed me with a kitchen knife and a scissors.

“My wife is not sincere with me. She hides so many things about herself from me. I cannot cope with her secretive ways any more, please separate us,”

The wife Alimotu, did not deny any of the allegations, she told her own side of the story, which tells of her husband’s promiscuity and nefarious behaviour towards her. She said:

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“We were staying in my husband’s family house before we rented our own apartment in 2012, since then my husband has been unfaithful to me.

“Countless times he had brought different kinds of women into our matrimonial home and sleeps with them on our bed.

“Whenever I confronted him, he beats me. On three occasions my husband beat me to a pulp and stripped me naked. I joined him in doing the same business because it is a lucrative one, but since I started it, I have had no rest of mind.”

Alimotu after much plea to the court to reconcile their marriage, finally yielded to the separation and urge the court to go ahead and dissolve it without further delay. She also added:

“Since I have been begging my husband and his family for so long and nothing positive have come of it, please dissolve the marriage so I can go on with my life.”

After all efforts to reconcile the couple had failed, the court President Mr. Awos Awosola ruled the case thus;

“The marriage between the two parties is hereby dissolved with effect from today in accordance with the Lagos State Customary Court Law, 2011, Order 3, Rule 7, as amended.

“The custody of the first child and only son, Anus, 15, is awarded to the father while that of the two girls, Simiyat, 10; and Aishat, 7, remains with the wife.

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“The petitioner should pay the children’s feeding allowances of N10,000 on a monthly basis through this honourable court and should also be responsible for the children school and hospital bills.

“However, both parties are granted unhindered access to the child/children at any reasonable time of the day,’’ he ruled.