Big Brother Lacks Moral Obligation To Disqualify Kemen Over The Same Immorality The Show Portrays


Big Brother Lacks Moral Obligation To Disqualify Kemen Over The Same Immorality The Show Portrays!

Fans and viewers of the ongoing Big Brother reality show are torn between blaming Kemen for his unspeakable act, accusing TBoss of escalating the issue and blaming Big Brother for taking such a harsh decision to disqualify Kemen.

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A lot has been said already about Big brother’s decision over the Kemen/Tboss sexual harassment issue. While some viewers agree that Kemen was wrong to have groped onTBoss while she was asleep, others accuse TBoss of not sleeping but quietly enjoying the act only to worsen the accusation when Big Brother asked her about it.

According to several comments on social media, most people think the Big Brother show itself is immoral enough and has led the young man to his embarrassing exit, therefore Big Brother had no moral obligation to disqualify Kemen on the grounds of unconsented sexual harassment.

Bisola Kiss TTT, a married man with two kids.
Bisola Kiss TTT, a married man with two kids.

To that effect, Kemen has been advised to sue Big Brother, who by this disqualification has ruined the reputation and career of the fitness trainer, his family and the whole of Akwa Ibom State.

According to PressPlay, the Big Brother show is full of several acts of immorality and sexual activities that have been perpetrated by contestants and condoned by the organizers since its inception. Therefore, expecting morality from an immoral show was a fallacy.

In a bid to defend Kemen’s action, the case of Debby Rise kissing Bassey while he was asleep is also making rounds as some people think a judgment should have been passed to her also.

Deeby Rise
Debby Rise Kissing Bassey while he was asleep

Some viewers are also saying Big Brother should have also informed Bisola that TTT is married to save her from a future heartbreak, but rather he chose to use Kemen as the scapegoat.

The saddest part is that Kemen would henceforth be stigmatized and become victimized as a sex offender which would damage his relationship and business and some Nigerians are urging him to sue for defamation of character.

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This is what Nigerian singer Tunde Ednut has to say about Kemen’s disqualification

“Bullshit! That girl didn’t shout or complain after she woke up and saw him. Cut me that slack Big Brother. People have done all different kind of things in that house. All of them should be disqualified plus BIG BROTHER himself. This whole game looks staged to me. The only problem now is that Kemen will have a bad name for a long time.”

Social media influencer and Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, who is known for adding more controversy to controversial topics also shared his thoughts.

According to Uche, Big Brother had never queried the housemates all the while they indulged in sexual scenes, why now?

He accused Big Brother of condoning Adultery [TTT and Bisola], Nudity [When Coco Ice unleashed her breast] advanced flirtation, mass sex parties and all immoral acts that lead some viewers to masturbation.

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In the opinion of PressPlay, Tunde Ednut and Uche Maduagwu among other Nigerians, Big Brother does not have any moral justification to disqualify Kemen.

Inversely, Kemen has the right to sue the show for tarnishing an image he came to build.

What is your take on this matter?