Diezani Alison Madueke Appears Before London Police Staion


Former Nigerian Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke has finally appeared before Charing Cross Police Station London.

The Minister was summoned at the station to shed more light on the ongoing money laundering investigations involving her. According to report, she was granted bail and asked to return on June 21, 2016.

Diezani, who was one of the major key persons in the Goodluck Jonathan administration, was arrested October last year by the UK National Crimes Agency, alongside four other people. She was charged with looting and money laundering in the United Kingdom using a network of relatives and businessmen.

Before being arrested by the UK authorities, the former minister had been accused of embezzling public funds while in office as Minister of Petroleum Resources.

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During an interview with ThisDay Newspaper, the minister acknowledged that mistakes were made, but that she had nothing to do with the missing $20 billion or $18.5 billion in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Did we make mistakes? There would always be mistakes. People would always make mistakes. Everybody make mistakes and there is no question about that. Have we learnt from our mistakes? Of course we have.

But please do not say I stole $20 billion or $18.5 billion because I did not at any point in time. And if NNPC misappropriated funds or so, they have the entire explanation and more forensic audit should be done to determine how and why. But people should not make damaging accusations which have nothing to do with an individual.

She dispelled all the allegations of embezzlement levied against her, stating she did not steal from Nigeria  at no point as a Minister.

At no point did I steal from the Nigerian state.

In fact, the first mantra I had from the time I came in was that I will never touch anything that has to do with the Federation Account and I never did and I will take that to my grave. So I will suggest that this issue of $20 billion or $18 billion be dropped because that is the major problem I had with my job. I was accused of unsavoury things, but which were actually accusations against NNPC and the audit was deployed to clarify all these things.

So let us deal with the issues. I have never gone around accusing people of doing this or that, I have always stuck with the issues even when I was the most abused minister, I was professional, I stuck to the issues and responded only to the issues.

The minister, who allegedly rented N10 million jet for personal purposes during her tenure as a minister, had this to say concerning that issue

No, it was not for my personal use, it was for executive movement, which has always been the case. I am saying just like the $20 billion, you find something, you throw it on the person to feel smart or to make it look as if the person is junketing all over the place or as if nobody had done that before in the annals of the NNPC.

Amid  the charges against her, the former minister has been fighting for her life against cancer in a London hospital.

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