Destructive Fire Razes Shops And Goods Worth Millions In Sabon Gari Market, Kano


According to reports from Kano state, a severely mysterious fire has ravaged the famous Sabon Gari market, burning down over fifty shop and destroying goods worth millions of naira.

The fire allegedly broke out at about 7pm on the evening of Thursday, December 3. It is rumored that the uncontrollably large fire was caused by a power surge, but, officials say the speculations are not verified.

According to reports, firefighters put in all the efforts they could to quench the bitter fire but their efforts seem wasted as the overwhelming fire kept at it and refused to be stopped until it had destroyed shops and every other thing that stood on its way. The  fire was said to have burnt for over 30 minutes before the fire fighters could arrive the scene.

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Although no life was lost in the process, the fire incidence happened where there are mostly temporary shades that deal on furniture, interior decorations and pharmaceutical drugs, so as a consequence, it razed goods worth of  enormous amounts of money. The fire was said to have started in the early hours of last night but nobody could specifically pinpoint the cause.

Scores of ordinary people with no shops or interest in the market as well as owners of the affected shops battled very hard in support of the fire fighters to put out the flames and rescue as much goods as possible.

This happened just a few days after a raging night inferno razed 118 shops at Kabong market in Jos North. The fire had thick smoke billowing around the entire market and successfully stopping bot buyers and sellers from the unburnt part to pack up for the day, for fear of choking in the smoke or inability to find their way out of the market in the smog.

This is really a wake up call for people in markets spread across the country especially Lagos which has gained notoriety for its constant fire outbreaks. The harmattan season is already here and it’s time to be careful with how we handle fire or anything that can cause it.