Destiny Etiko’s Net Worth, House and Cars

Destiny Etiko’s net worth is pegged between $500,000 and $750,000. The actress has invested a good part of her wealth into expensive houses and cars. She has 3 cars in her garage and owns 2 lavish mansions in her hometown in Enugu State.

The actress is most popular for her dramatic, romantic, and humorous roles in movies. The curvaceous lady built her wealth primarily from her acting profession and other business endeavors like endorsement contracts. This article reveals all the scintillating details about Destiny Etiko’s net worth, her income sources, and the luxurious lifestyle her wealth affords her.

How Destiny Etiko’s Net Worth Grew

With Destiny Etiko’s net worth that runs in millions of naira, she makes the list of one of the most influential actresses in Nigeria. After earning a degree in Theatre Arts, Destiny moved on to fully pursue a career in acting. Here are the endeavors that earned her the big sums.

Acting is the Pillar of Destiny Etiko’s Net Worth

Destiny Etiko is a Nigerian actress who started her acting career in 2011 after registering with the Actors Guild of Nigeria. Despite the fact that she was combining her schooling as she was still a student at that time, she was bagging minor movie roles as of then. Eventually, she was launched to prominence in 2014 after she was featured in the movie, Idemili.

Destiny played a major role in the movie which later became a box office hit. Upon its release, Idemili gave her a big announcement, and since then, she has become a household name in the Nigerian film industry and also a fan’s favorite. Moreso, her role in Idemili earned her a nomination for the City People Entertainment Awards.

Destiny on the set of Idemili
Destiny on the set of Idemili, image source

As we earlier mentioned, Destiny Etiko’s net worth majorly came from acting. The actress is rumored to be earning between N200,000 and N500,000 per movie. The 2018 film, The Ghost and the Tout is another movie that definitely earned her a huge income. The film, which was directed by Charles Uwagbai and featured stars like Toyin Abraham, Rachael Okonkwo, and Omowumi Dada, got a box office success of N30 million just within one week of its release and ₦77 million overall.

Destiny Etiko has shared stages with prominent actors in the industry like Pete Edochie, Patience Ozorkwo, Alex Ekubo, Yul Edochie, and many others. She has established herself as a successful actress in Nigeria with the way she interprets roles with creativity and uniqueness. Destiny has also won a couple of awards for her successful works. The admired and voluptuous actress has remained relevant in the industry and featured in numerous Nollywood blockbusters.

Endorsement Contracts Also Contributed to Destiny Etiko’s Net Worth

Brand endorsements have since become a major area celebrities make money from, and Destiny has signed quite a handful of them. Her two most recent deals were signed in July 2021, the first with a company that deals in gold, Ingoliment Gold. The actress was already an ambassador for the brand for one year and only renewed the contract, and according to her, the deal is worth millions of naira.

Secondly, in the same month, she bagged a deal with an alcoholic brand, Kubanah Whisky, and took to her Instagram to announce the good news. Below is a list of all the brands she has endorsed.

  • Kesie_Virgin Hair
  • Betty Bingo
  • Valencia Poise House, a skincare line
  • Ehi Kings Estate Limited
  • Desperados, a beer brand
  • Ingoliment Gold, a gold company
  • A Chinese company that deals in sanitary pads and baby diapers

Significantly, actress Destiny Etiko’s body curves and sense of fashion also add money to her pocket as she is into modeling. She models clothes for various manufacturers and brands and gets paid by them.

Recap of Destiny Etiko’s Net Worth Sources

  • Acting
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Modeling
  • Others

Destiny Etiko’s House and Real Estate Acquisitions

Destiny Etiko is not one of those actors that relocated to Lagos in order to be successful in her career. Since her rise to fame, the actress has since remained in her hometown Enugu, and that obviously did not stop her from having a flourishing career.

In 2019, Destiny built a house for her mother in their hometown in Udi as a way to appreciate her for all that she sacrificed for her. This was the first ever investment the actress made in real estate.

Destiny-Etiko house
image source

Two years later, in August 2021, actress Destiny, in celebrating her 32nd birthday, took to her Instagram page and shared photos of a new mansion she acquired for herself, “A BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM ME TO ME. Thank u, Jesus, @destinyetikofoundation_”, she captioned.

The house, which is also located in her home State, Enugu, is rumored to be worth ₦200 million. She has since not flaunted the interiors of her mansion, but from a mere look, you could see that it is indeed a beautiful edifice to behold.

Destiny Etiko’s Cars Include Some Expensive Rides

Destiny Etiko’s net worth affords her nothing short of luxurious life. It is recorded that the actress has a minimum of three luxurious cars in her garage, and they are a Toyota Venza SUV, a Mercedes-Benz (4Matic), and a customized 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that is reportedly worth ₦37 million. She bought the Mercedes-Benz as a birthday gift for herself in 2019.

image source

In February 2021, the actress took to her social media and announced that she just purchased a new car. She flaunted photos of the new ride, which comes with a customized plate number “Drama Doll.” “An extra baby added to my garage. MULTIPLE INCREASE ONLY. Thank your lord. WWUDD“, she captioned.

  • Toyota Venza SUV
  • Mercedes-Benz (4Matic)
  • customized 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Destiny Has Faced Backlash Over Her Luxurious Lifestyle

Destiny Etiko has faced quite a couple of backlash and criticism from people for different reasons. For one, she was accused to have made her money not only from acting but sleeping with different men. Considering her fast rise to fame, it was difficult for many to believe that she only worked hard to get to her current place of prominence.

In 2021, after she announced the arrival of her new car, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, many people came up with an analysis of how only the salary of an actress can finance such a luxury car. To make the matter worse, a controversial blog site Gistlover reported that the tear rubber ride was actually gifted to her by a married man identified as Tein Jack-Rich.

A little more digging into the information reveals that Jack-Rich is a married billionaire business tycoon and the Chief Executive Officer of Belema Oil. The blogger even went to the extent of sharing a photo of the actress and her alleged sugar daddy.

Destiny’s Reaction to the Allegation

On the heels of the rumor, Destiny took to her Instagram and debunked the rumors. In a one-minute Instagram video, the actress swore on her mother’s life that she has never set her eyes on the oil tycoon and is innocent of the accusation.

She described herself as a very hardworking and independent woman who works hard to make her own money. She further laid curses on all the people spreading the rumor. In her word, “whenever a diligent woman acquires things like car, land or a house, jobless fools waste no time in tagging it to a man.”

Also, the wealthy actress’s alleged lover in question also came up with a strong denial of all the claims. The man took to his Facebook page, and from his post, it was evident that he couldn’t believe his own eyes. He criticized how people neglect to make widespread publication to weightier matters like achievements and societal development but would give in a lot of energy to spreading what he rightly described as a “campaign of calumny.”


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