Department Of State Security Services (DSS) Allegedly Planning To Secretly Murder Nnamdi Kanu


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have alleged that the Department of State Security Service is planning to assassinate its leader Nnamdi Kanu. The said allegation was contained in a statement issued on its website, Biafra herald, where it was also alleged that Kanu is being tortured in detention by the DSS.

The Information Reads:

Information getting to us now is that the director of DSS and Buhari are planning to kill some Igbo-Biafrans working for the DSS in other to secretly execute Nnamdi Kanu.

For months now reports have been coming to us on how Nnamdi Kanu is being tortured in Prison of the DSS. Nnamdi Kanu is reported to be very ill and needs urgent care and treatment but the DSS on the order of Buhari has refused to grant him any treatment.

Some Igbo-Biafrans who are members of the DSS have expressed their displeasure towards the treatment of Nnamdi Kanu, this resulting to Buhari and the Director of DSS secretly plotting ways to eliminate them.

This information got to us from a very reliable source and our advice to Buhari is to release Nnamdi Kanu and also to stop torturing him because any harm done to him, will result to a war Nigeria can’t handle. We are calling on all IPOB members to get ready for actions as instructions will be given by our deputy.

We are calling all coordinators to start mobilizing all IPOB members and be on alert.”