Fresh Demands List From Niger Delta Militants, No.1 Is Impossible 


A fresh list of demands drafted by the Niger Delta militants has been release to the government, calling for their urgent attention or to face massive actions which shall cripple the economy and bring it to a standstill.

The demands list reported by Naij, sited the group’s threats and determination to ‘call the shots’ in what they considered their birthrights – Oil.

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Oil Militants Fresh Demands List states that;

  1. All refineries and petrochemical companies must shut down their activities and leave the region immediately until the Federal Government is ready to turn around the fortunes of our people.
  2. The United Nations Environmental Programme, UNEP, report implementation on Ogoniland must commence immediately.
  3. No attempt must be made to resume oil exploration in Ogoniland until the UNEP report has been 100% implemented.
  4. The Federal government must immortalize Ken Saro Wiwa and other Niger Delta agitators who were gruesomely killed.
  5. The Niger Delta region must be allowed to control their resources.

It further accused the incumbent administration of turning the fight against corruption into the fight against their perceived political opponents from the Niger Delta region.

Reading the statement further, the militants said;

“The Ogoni cleanup which is still a scam by the Federal government is now been used by some selfish and political gladiators to gain popularity and score cheap political points. Even the five hundred thousand (500,000) empowerment program has now been programmed to favour only a particular political party. Today, instead of the Nigerian government to develop the region, they are now using most of our people to destabilize and set confusion in order to divide us to achieve their selfish aim.”

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In a recent demand of the oil militants who have slashed Nigeria’s petroleum production with attacks on pipelines, they called for a referendum on breaking up the Nigerian federation.

A map posted by the Niger Delta Avengers on social media suggested that Nigeria could divide into five countries. They Tweeted that “President Muhammadu Buhari should call for a referendum to enable every Nigerian to vote if they want to stay as Nigerians or not, just like what David Cameron of Great Britain did.”

Meanwhile, analysts have predicted this outcome — “that the stunning result of the British referendum to leave the European Union, EU, would encourage separatists in Nigeria.”

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