Buhari’s Death Rumour: Hausa Man Threatens Nigerians With Civil War


DEATH RUMOUR – President Muhammadu Buhari last week, went on a vacation to the UK as part of his statutory annual vacation, but the deep divisions inherent in the country has been laid to bare by his trip to the UK. A Facebook user, Haruna Maitala, who is obviously from the northern part of Nigeria, tagged a grim statement on his page, threatening that Nigeria will fight another civil war if it comes out true that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead.

In a group page called ‘Nigerian Civil Right Movement’ on Facebook, Maitala said:

“President Buhari is healthy and enjoying his time in UK, God forbid if Buhari is to die Christians/Southerners should not celebrate because Osinbajo or any other Christian will not take power because this power belong to the North (Hausa/Fulani) we will never agree to lost power how we did in 2010.

“If Osinbajo did not resign then another civil war awaits Nigeria. Or Buratai should stage a coup. Or they should bring anyone else from the North (Hausa Fulani) as far as our brother is in power we are satisfied. This should serve as warning.”

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Many social media comments of people from the major tribes of Nigeria have revealed the darkest side of some Nigerians; those who wish death upon President Buhari and those who forbids Christians and Southerners from ruling the nation.

Maitala, who lives in Jos later apologized for making the hate comment but Facebook would have none of that as the post, which Facebook classifies as a hate speech was deleted from the page. A visit to the page showed that his post and even his apology had been deleted. Here’s what he posted in it’s place this afternoon:

The comment was obviously spurred by the president’s death rumour buzzing around the entire country that Mr. Buhari is dead and other social media users expressing their thoughts on the delicate matter. Incredulously, some openly prayed the President should never return to the country alive.

Another Facebook user, Pastor Mmadukolu Christain Ejike, has taken to his page to declare that President Buhari can die just like former Nigerian presidents, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Sani Abacha, who died in power.

The Pastor who’s from the Believers Assembly International Gospel Center posted that the best and quickest way for a southerner to become Nigeria’s president is to be a Vice president under an Hausa man. According to him, Hausa presidents mostly die, making their deputies become the next president. What an assumption!

See what he posted:

 “The best way to be a Nigeria President is to be a vice under an Hausa man. WHY? Because he will sure die and you will take over, if you doubt me, ask GEN SANI ABACHA, UMARU MUSA YAR’ ADUA MUMUMADU BUHARI. May the same spirit that killed Abacha and Yar’adua kill Mumumadu Buhari.”

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The rumour has long been debunked by the both the President’s young daughter, Zahra Buhari Indimi and the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity who said President Buhari is hale and hearty and write return back to Nigeria on Monday, February 6, after his vacation.