8 Deadly Diseases in Nigeria That Should Really Scare You More Than Ebola


Ebola, the scariest and deadliest disease of 2014 has attracted a lot of attention in Nigeria and across the globe however, there are lesser known diseases prevalent in Nigeria that are killing much more people than the much dreaded Ebola, most of which are among the most deadly diseases ever known to mankind. Keep reading as we explore which diseases you should really be more wary of because you will be surprised at what the most deadly disease of all times in Nigeria is.

8. Perinatal Conditions

Perinatal conditions are events occurring around the time of child-birth. There is no doubt that childbirth can be a very magical moment mostly cherished between young parents and a newborn however, out of over half a million pregnancy related deaths worldwide, it may interest you to know that there are over 40,000 deaths occurring in Nigeria and some sources including official data from National Population Commission (NPC) have suggested that over 140 people die everyday from pregnancy related conditions in Nigeria alone making Nigeria the second country with the highest maternal mortality rate (after India) and the highest in Africa. This is a substantial proportion when viewed from a global standpoint. It has been established that 70 percent of pregnancy related deaths in Nigeria are as a result of 4 conditions: haemorrhage, sepsis, eclampsia and complications of abortion and can easily be prevented.

black pregnant woman


7. Cerebrovascular Disease/Accident (Stroke)

Cerebrovascular disease may sound too over decorated for a common medical condition commonly known as stroke which occurs when there is loss of blood supply to a part of the brain which could either result from blockage or rupture of a blood vessel commonly known as Ischaemic or Haemorrhagic stroke respectively. If blood flow is interrupted, for longer than a few minutes, the brain cells begin to suffer from irreparable damage which could result in permanent damage.



6. Diarrhoeal Diseases

Diarrhoeal disease is a very common cause of death most especially in third world countries while it is the second most common cause of deaths in children less than 1-year-old worldwide. According to the latest WHO data deaths caused by diarrhoeal diseases in Nigeria reached 173, 878 or 10.19% of total deaths and the age adjusted Death Rate is 101.48 per 100,000 of population. This data ranks Nigeria as the 19th country in the world.

Diarrhoeal Diseases


5. Respiratory Tract Infection / Pneumonia

Respiratory tract infection including pneumonia constituted the second leading cause of death in Nigeria. There are two major types of lower respiratory infections: bronchitis and pneumonia. Some of the easily recognizable symptoms of these infections include runny nose and sneezing, headache, and sore throat. Symptoms may include fever in more sever cases like pneumonia. In most developing countries, these diseases can easily be lethal unlike in developed nations.


Ebola by far has received the most media mention because of the most recent outbreak, however, the diseases mentioned on the next page are already prevalent in Nigeria and their rate of killing makes Ebola a child’s play

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