How Unfortunate! Bride Plans To Surprise Groom By Arriving In An Helicopter And This Happens…


The childhood dream of a 32-year-old bride, Rosemere do Nascimento Silvato, to arrive at her wedding in an helicopter ended in tears as the aircraft crashed just a mile from the wedding venue. The dead bride had planned a pleasant surprise for her groom, Udirley Damasceno, and their 300 guests by making a grand entrance to their reception in a rural area on the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

However, in a very horrible turn of event, the aircraft, Robinson 44, crashed about a mile from the wedding venue in a forest area near a main road, killing the bride-to-be, her brother, the pilot and a photographer who was six-months-pregnant.

The groom was left waiting at the altar, ignorant of what the dead bride was planning to do, or of the tragic outcome.

Police and air crash investigators are now trying to find out what led to the crash. They are looking into reports that it might have hit a tree during bad visibility with rain, fog and cloud.

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dead bride
Dead Bride: Helicopter Crash Kills Bride On Her Wedding Day

“All brides have a dream and hers was to arrive by helicopter to their wedding without anyone knowing,” Carlos Eduardo Batista, one of the organisers told Brazilian media Globo, adding that the accident was only discovered when he realized the helicopter did not arrive at a nearby football field as planned.

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He made a phone call which confirmed it had taken off as only for them to later get to know that a plane had crashed nearby but at first thought it was an unconnected incident.

When the sad news was broken to the distraught bridegroom at the altar by the pastor, he was said to have gone into shock.

Although there were 300 guests present at the wedding, only about six of them knew about the surprise.

The National Civil Aviation Agency has indicated that the aircraft has permission to fly until February 1, 2017 with a capacity of three people aside the pilot.

Eight fire engines rushed to the scene but nothing could be done to save the four occupants.

It would have been a 15 minutes journey by road.