Nigerians Are Eagerly Waiting For APC To Leave Office – PDP


The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, yesterday declared that Nigerians across the nation and beyond can’t wait for the APC Administration to leave office, citing increased hardship since President Buhari took over.

Spokesman of the Ahmed Makarfi-led Caretaker Committee, Dayo Adeyeye who spoke to journalists in Abuja yesterday said Nigerians are already counting days for the All Progressives Congress.

Adeyeye said:

“They want PDP to come back to power. In the days of the PDP’s 16 years in power, it was a time of plenty and we have seen one year of scarcity, hardship and poverty in the land. It is obvious that Nigerians are not happy with the present state of affairs; so they are eager to have PDP back”

“People are already counting days for the APC because they want this government to go and PDP is poised to take over power but we need to do the needful, organise a transparent convention to bring in the right men and women to take over the operations of the party.”

The PDP spokesman also described the activities of the former national chairman of the party, Ali Modu Sheriff as rebellious.

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He said it was a wrong perception for one to think that because a few disgruntled elements in the party are aggrieved, then the party has broken into factions.

Dayo Adeyeye said:

 “There are no factions in the PDP. You see, there could be a few rebels, a few disgruntled people for one reason or the other but if you know our party and the array of personalities in it, you will ask yourself what is a party made up of? The answer is that in a party, you have the governors, members of the National Assembly, state chapters and elders, all of them are together”.

“We are going to have a very free, fair and open convention, a unity convention in Port Harcourt on August 17.  PDP remains  the biggest party in Nigeria and I can confidently say that by this time next year, our opponents, who are today in power, a good number of its members will be begging to join the PDP. Nigerians are yearning for PDP.”