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Dax (Real Name: Daniel Daxton Muzi Clay Nwosu Jr., born March 22, 1994; Age: 30 years old) is a Nigerian Canadian rapper with a net worth of $1 million. He is best known for the hit singles “She Cheated Again”, “Dear God”, and “I Want”.

It’s been just a few years since Dax broke into the limelight and he has achieved as much fame and wealth as his counterparts in the industry. His talent has seen him work with artists like Hopsin, K.A.A.N, Futuristic, and OT Genasis and his songs have peaked at a few notable charts across nations of the world. Here are a few interesting facts to know about the young Nigerian rapper.

Summary of Dax’s Bio

  • Full name: Daniel Daxton Muzi Clay Nwosu Jr.
  • Nickname: Dax
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: March 22, 1994
  • Dax’s Age:30 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Nigerian, Canadian
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Dax’s Parents: Mr. Daniel Nwosu and Juliette Nwosu
  • Dax’s Height in Inches:  6ft 2in
  • Dax’s Weight: 78kgs
  • Dax’s Net worth: $1 Million (est.)
  • Famous for: Rap Music
  • Dax’s Instagram: @thatsdax
  • Twitter: @thatsdax.

30-Year-Old Dax Hails From South East Nigeria

Dax originally belongs to the Igbo race located in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. He was born Dаnіеl Nwоѕu Јr. on March 22, 1994, in Newfoundland Canada. His father’s name is Daniel Nwosu and his mother’s name is Juliette.

Further details about his parents show that Dax’s father is an engineer who worked in Mississippi, USA, while his mother did multiple jobs before becoming a nurse. The rapper grew up amidst his female siblings, Rosen and Andrea, who are older than him.

Academic-wise, Dax attended Sunrise Christian Academy and then Casper College. He also went to the University of Montana before continuing his studies at Nеwmаn Unіvеrѕіtу where he obtained a degree in Communications.

During his high school days, Dax loved sports. He played basketball and in his senior year, he was selected as the “Моѕt Vаluаblе Рlауеr (МVР). He was a brilliant player who played the guard position and during his time at Nеwmаn Unіvеrѕіtу, he played defense for the Newman Jets National Basketball Association and was named to the second-team All-Heartland Conference. He’s named his mentors to include the legendary Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Dax Started Off His Career as a Motivational Speaker

Though a lover of sports, Dax did not desire to push his talent as a basketball player beyond college, so he abandoned it for motivational speaking. He first found his interest in poetry and wrote a couple of poems for himself and his basketball teammates. He made his first motivational video via his iPhone.

Upon noticing his knack for putting words together, he began to write songs, which he posted on his SoundCloud account. Aside from being a motivational speaker and poet, Dax also did other menial jobs such as being a janitor, just to raise some funds for himself.

He Started His Music Career in 2017

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Dax didn’t find himself in the music world. Like poetry, music gave him the strength and inspiration he needed to face his life challenges. With his friends, he would rap and freestyle and post them on his YouTube channel. So charming were his freestyles that he soon amassed an impressive following of over 3 million on the video-sharing platform.

Though not yet noticed in the music world, Dax began uploading several songs on his YouTube channel. He then made his breakthrough in 2017 following the release of his song Саѕh mе Outѕіdе, where he featured fellow artist, Dаnіеllе Вrеgоlі, known as Вhаd Вhаbіе. The song immediately went viral and earned over 22 million views on YouTube.

The same year, he released several other songs, including Black in America and Hilly Hilly Hilly Clinton. Dax was also known for releasing songs like “The Basketball Song” and “My President Bad Boujee” in the same year.

Additionally, using his Soundcloud account, Dax went on to drop a mixtape of 2pac Reincarnation Vol 2: As Told By Dax. He is also known for his remixes of popular rap songs, such as “WHAT’S POPPIN” and “Godzilla.”

Gaining further popularity in the music world, he released his first extended play, “It’s Different Now,”. The EP which was released in 2018 featured guest performances from rappers such as OT Genasis and Futuristic.

In 2019, Hosin featured Dax in his song “You Should’ve Known”. The same year, he embarked on the “It Goes Up” tour alongside Kansas City rap legend Tech N9ne. Subsequently, he announced his first solo headlining tour, “It’s Different Now Tour,” which took place in October across the United States and Canada.

Dax’s Most Successful Years as a Rapper 

Dax’s most successful years started in 2020 with the release of his second EP, “I’ll say it for you,” which received massive positive reviews. The 7-track EP includes the controversial single “Dear God,” in which he asks God questions while contemplating his own and the world’s existence.

Dear God became Dax’s biggest song with over 50 million views on YouTube. The song was largely praised for its subject matter and lyricism. Apparently, the song has also garnered over 50 million streaming on Spotify. It aided his fast rise to fame as his other songs released afterward continued to soar.

By the middle of 2021, the rapper had released a sequel to “Dear God” entitled Child of God.  As expected, the song received positive reviews and it ushered in his debut studio album Pain Paint Paintings which was released on October 15, 2021.

The album which includes the lead single “Propaganda”, featuring Tom Macdonald, became a huge success as it peaked at number 9 on the Rap Digital Song Sales chart of Billboard Charts. Not relenting in his efforts, Dax has continued to release hit upon hit with some of his latest including “Dear Alcohol”, which was written about alcoholism.

List of Dax’s Songs

So far, 30 years old Dax has released one studio album, two extended plays, and one mixtape. A list of his selected singles include;

  •  “My Heart Hurts”,
  • ‘Propaganda” (featuring Tom MacDonald),
  • “No Respect” (featuring Futuristic)
  • “I don’t want another Sorry”
  • “She Cheated Again”
  • “I Want”
  • “You Should’ve Known” (with Hopsin)
  • “Be Your Fucking Self”
  • “Self-Proclaimed”
  • “Don’t Wanna Die Today”
  • Joker
  • Joker Returns
  • Dear Mom
  • Suffocating
  • Whoopty Remix
  • A Lot At Stake
  • “My Last Words”
  • “All Night Long”
  • “Book of Revelations”
  • “Wack Ass Rappers”
  • “Black Lives Matter”
  • “Coronavirus”
  • “Dear Mom”
  • “Rap Demi-God”
  • “The Next Rap God”
  • “Why So Serious”
  •  Dear Alcohol (feat. Elle King)
  • “40 Days 40 Nights” (featuring Nasty C)

His Extended plays

  • It’s Different Now
  • I’ll Say It For You


  • 2Pac Reincarnation Volume 2: As Told By Dax

Studio Album

  • Pain Paints Paintings

What is Dax’s Net Worth?

Dax’s personal fortune is estimated to be $1 million. As a singer, he amasses much of his income in various ways which includes album sales, ticket sales from tours, live shows, and streaming platforms. At any rate, the songster is having a good run with a net worth that exceeds that of some famous Canadian rap figures.

While his Extended Play “I will Say it for You” did not earn him quite much income on streaming platforms, it did help to advance his career as he sold merchandise, CDs, and records and earned from it. He also made meaningful income by streaming many of Eminem’s-inspired songs, including Rap Demi-God, Killshot 3, and “The Next Rap God”

Dax, however, made a hefty income streaming his song “Propaganda” on Spotify and other platforms. When he released his album Pain Paints Paintings in 2021, he made a huge income selling it as a digital download and CD. He also earned money from streaming platforms and from promoting the album on Spotify.

Dax’s net worth grew significantly in 2022 with the release of his single “Dear Alcohol” which earned over 27 million views within six months of its release. This is by far beyond the 22 million views he received from his 2017 song “Cash Me Outside”. The track also got the young artist on the national charts. It landed on the 9th spot on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles list and peaked at number 28th on the US Country Chart.

How Much Does Dax Make From Streaming Platforms?

While Ticket sales from tours and playing live shows remains part of the biggest revenue streams for young artists like Dax, there is no doubt that the majority of his kind make additional income streaming their songs on various streaming platform.

Currently, there are no exact details as to how much Dax receives from the various streaming platforms on which he posts his songs, but it is largely believed to be enough to influence his net worth estimated at $1 million.

According to reports, the singer gets over 2 million listeners from Spotify and the streaming platform reportedly pays about $2 for every 1000 listeners he gets. This brings his estimated earnings from Spotify to about $4000, monthly.

From Youtube where he has over 4.7 million subscribers and nearly 8 million views, Dax also makes meaningful income as well. Although he started taking rap seriously in 2017, he had his YouTube channel created back in 2012. He started posting music content in late 2016.

Dax is said to earn about $12 thousand per video he shares on YouTube. This brings his estimated earnings to over $2 million. His latest releases are “Dear God” and “Joker”. The former song has received more than 20 million views on YouTube while the latter one has been viewed 7.2 million times in just three weeks.

Dax’s most-viewed Music on Youtube includes:

  • Dear God Official video – 
  • Joker Official Music Video  – 38 Million Views
  • “Rap God” Freestyle  –  27 million views
  • “She Cheated Again” (Official Music Video) –  25 Million Views

The Sale of Merchandise Also Contributes to Dax’s Net Worth

Dax, like most successful musicians across all nations, sells merchandise on his official website Daxofficial.com. He sells his signature fashion items like hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees for about $30 to $50. He also sells his CDs, including his album, Pain Paints Paintings, and his 2018 EP “It’s Different Now. Each of his CDs sells for between $6 to $10.

Concerts and Tours Also Add To Dax’s Net Worth

Concerts and music tours are among the key areas young rapper Dax built his $1 million net worth. The Nigerian-Canadian singer and rapper regularly tour Canada and the United States of America, USA. How much he charges is not known, however, there are speculations that he charges between $40 to $90 per ticket.

Even when he was yet to become known in the music world, Dax made huge income touring with prominent artists like UBI, Kris Kaliko and Mayday. His biggest concert, however, is the “It Goes Up” tour which he embarked on with the famous American rapper Tech N9ne.

Though the exact money he made from the concert was not revealed, it is said that the appearance of N9ne increased the ticket price, hence his increased income. Even his 2021 concert that promotes his album, saw him selling apparel, posters and CDs of Pain Paints Paintings at the show. All these make a meaningful impact on his fast-rising net worth.

A Recap of the Sources of Dax’s Net Worth

  • Music
  • Concerts and Tours
  • Live Streaming
  • Merchandise

Who Has Dax Had a Feud With?

Dax has found himself in a slew of feuds with some of his co-music artists, including KSI and Tory Lanez. His feud with popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is not new. At some point, the two agreed to throw down in the boxing ring after exchanging a few heated blows over social media.

On November 18, 2018, KSI called out various internet rappers, including Quadeca and Dax, and said that they were worse than him at rapping. Shortly after, Dax responded by posting a full diss track which was a remix of Eminem’s diss track against Machine Gun Kelly, “Killshot”.

Hitting back at Dax and Quadeca’s track, KSI released a reaction video which he accompanied by a diss track called “Ares”. The feud between the two rappers worsened in 2019 when Dax called out KSI on Twitter, insinuating that he would travel to London to fight it out with him. In reply, KSI requested Dax’s passport details and more ahead of their agreed boxing date

Meanwhile, just a few weeks after the agreed boxing date, ‘KSI’ Olatunji made a post where he claimed that rapper Daniel Nwosu Jr. backed out of a potential boxing match, despite him agreeing and meeting a number of lavish demands made by the Canadian.

His Feud with Tory Lanez

On January 24, 2019, Tory Lanez made a tweet where he claimed that he is the “best rapper alive”. Aggrieved by his comment, Dax responded by posting a video on YouTube, featuring a diss track titled “I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q” aimed at him.

Lanez then made a video on Instagram in which he pressured Dax to apologize for the diss track. Dax succumbed to Tory’s demand and said that apologizing was the right thing to do because he did not want a fight to break out between himself and his co-rapper.


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