After Parent’s Ban From Teenage Marriage, This Couple Wed 65 Years Later


A couple, Davy Moakes, now 86, and Helen Andre, 82, have finally married 65 years after they were forced to call off their engagement.

Helen was 16 when she met Davy, who was 21 while studying together at Chesterfield Art College, Derbs. They got engaged but Helen’s parents, Aaron and Gertrude West disapproved of his career as an artist and called a halt to the wedding.

Davy’s father, Edward, arranged for the lovers to meet secretly at a wealthy landowner’s dance in 1956. But when the Helen’s parents caught wind of their plans, Helen was locked in her room.


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Both went on to marry other people, but after their partners died they reconnected and they married in a registry office on November 11, 2016, and are on a two-week honeymoon in Cyprus.

The pair got back in touch after Helen found a sculpture by Davy’s son Adrian, 57, in the village where they’d first met.

Helen’s daughter Debbie Williams tracked Davy down using social media, but he was married to his second wife. She passed away 18 months ago, and after that Davy visited Helen and they realized they still had feelings for each other.

Debbie who says she’s so happy for the new couple, adds that the pair were “madly in love” after being reunited. According to her, they got talking and rekindled their relationship and they fell madly in love.

The new groom, Davy Moakes says the love between them is so strong which is why they decided to get on and marry. Even though Helen is medically blind, Davy says when he saw her, he thought if they’d been allowed to marry earlier, he’d be taking care of her.


“So all I wanted to do is care for her now. I can’t actually remember how we proposed, it wasn’t anything dramatic, it would have just been over a nice kiss,” he said.

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The new bride, Mrs Moakes said: “I’ve loved him all my life, I’m overjoyed, we’re together at last.”