Fia By Davido – One Of The Best By Davido Lyrically Speaking


The MTV EMA Best Worldwide Act “Davido” is literally on fire with his new release FIA making rounds worldwide. The multiple award winner has been trending for all the right reasons, from the recent award shade between him and Wizkid to his video IF gaining over 50 million views.

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Regardless of what comes Davido’s way this year, the artist has always found his way right on top of things, gliding through like an easy day’s work. FIA could actually be one of Davido’s best song from a lyrical perspective.

FIA By Davido

Right from the beginning of the year, we’ve seen Davido go through a number of challenges; from his team to his personal life, it clearly hasn’t been an easy year for the star. FIA comes at the perfect time when Davido obviously has a lot to say and express, the song gives us some insight on what the artist has been through and his response to every situation as they happen “Fia Fia burn them!”

The beauty of FIA is that it is a very well composed song as opposed to his previous hits and it actually has a hidden meaning to it. Regardless, Davido has fun with the song playing around with some of the words.

Davido tells the world that he’s not a fool and because he might not always react to every situation does not mean he doesn’t know what’s going on.

“He no mean say if you say make I put one leg for fire, I go put leg for fire”.

In FIA Davido also talks a lot about love;

“Give me love make i love”…

He goes deep down in the feelings talking about someone/ people who could have held it down right from the start, but it’s obviously too late now.

“You for dey for me when the boy dey hunger, i for..”

When the boy Dey Hunger u for dey …. ! 🙏🏽 #FIA video link in bio

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As 2017 comes to an end, there seems to be no wall tall enough to put in front of Davido that he won’t climb. FIA is a serious hit, kudos to the 30 Billion superstar!

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