David Oyedepo Warns Nigerians to Brace Up for Tougher Times Ahead


Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has warned Nigerians of tougher economic challenges ahead.

Speaking at the opening session of the annual Shiloh programme of the church in Ota, Ogun State, Oyedepo enjoined his congregants to draw closer to God in order to survive the impending tough economic climate.

Bishop Oyedepo said:

“It looks tough presently but it’s going to get tougher in the days to come. Obedience to the terms of covenant will put you in total command. When all your obedience is fulfilled, all opposition is brought down.”

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Alluding to the Bible, the clergy said that recession was not a new phenomenon, urging the audience to be committed to God to have exemptions.

He, however, said, from scriptures, all the children of the covenant, who walk according to biblical truth will always enjoy exemptions from the gross darkness and evils plaguing the world.

A statement from the church disclosed that the opening session was witnessed by over 2,000 delegates from 41 countries.

Also, while speaking last month at the Daystar Christian Centre Annual Excellence in Leadership Conference, ELC, in Lagos, Bishop Oyedepo counseled Nigerians against wasteful spending on non-essential goods as a first way out of the current economic recession.

Oyedepo lamented that complaints of poverty and inadequate distribution of resources by the masses stemmed from poor governmental management.

He revealed that he disconnected his telephone for one month after he received an outrageous bill from the defunct NITEL, noting that he was amazed when he saw a newspaper publication which showed that Nigerians spent billions of naira monthly on telephone calls which he said was more than what he spent on food.

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David Oyedepo said that responsibility is the price for greatness and only those who stay focused on their task end up as front liners.

“Until you are out of your comfort zone, you cannot make the greatest of impact. No world-changer runs a normal schedule. No leader of worth, lives a normal lifestyle.”