Relationship: 5 Dating Rules Transcended And Maintained For Generations


The world is changing with everyone and almost everything in it, but certain dating rules never followed the change trend as much as, salt and sugar never taste different, inventions, time, women, men, children, the cycle of life, love, and hope, did not change either.

Dating Rules 

These dating rules were practically handed down from generations and despite human capacity and extravagant liberty to change, manipulate and reform things, certain rules still come to play if a man and a woman must strike some kind of an intimate relationship.

Here are some of the rules:

1. Never make the first move

Go ask the grandmas and grandpas who lived in the 1950s and they will attest that women never made the first move towards men and that remains the tradition till date. It is always the boy who ask the girl out on a date or the man ask the woman. Once they exchange contacts, it is the man who calls first while the woman waited for it anxiously or patiently, that is, if there’s mutual attraction. But with dating apps where women make the first move, and with millions of guys actively on it, it seems men don’t mind.

Some ladies do make the first move in this 21st century and it works fine with some men willing to go with the flow.

2. Act like a Lady

This part still applies in a lot of different ways and women’s fashion, style and glamour are a proof. Watch celebrities displaying at the red carpet, royals having a ball – every single and married lady out there understands and follows the “always act ladylike” dating rule right from Adam.

I mean, it’s not like hanging out with the fellows, it’s supposed to be a romantic date and you can’t afford to act or dress like a hipster if you wish to cozy up to that person.

3. Never kiss and tell

Contrary to what you were made to believe, your pal didn’t tell you everything that went down with the new date and that shouldn’t be too surprising if you understand this dating rule that transcended from generations.

Back in those days, girls keep what happens on their date a secret and so did the men and it wasn’t even up for conversation.

It still happens now, even if you insist, be ready to be washed down with some wishy-washy stories from the moon.

4. Flirting is an indication of likeness

Dating: 5 Dating Rules Transcended And Maintained For Generations

No flirting, no dating! flirting was an indication of interest in that person back in the old-school days. The occasional eye contact, flirty flipping of the eyelash – which by the way might have been what inspired the invention of an artificial eyelash, the flirty smiles and then the man gets the message and approachesh the woman.

But if you think flirting with the person of interest doesn’t get them to date you, then the feeling may not be mutual.

5. Only date with marriage in mind

When someone is younger they might date and double date just for the fun of it, but the dating tends to get more serious at a certain stage thus marriage comes to mind. It happened in the oldies and still, happens in the 21st century.

Even though priorities shift, both men and women choose career first before marriage, dating with matrimony in mind remains one of the dating rules transcended and maintained for generations.