I Don’t Mind Dating Falz – Singer Confesses


The dating rumours about tiny-voiced singer, Simi and Falz the Bahd Guy having a romantic relationship is becoming deafening. It’s either they are too good together and fans can’t wait to see them date or it is just a natural expectation from any two people doing music together.

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Flavour and Chidinma did some collaborations and Nigerians insinuated they were dating. Tiwa Savage and Dr Sid did a song together and were tagged as dating also. M.I and Waje faced similar rumours when they did “One Naira” together, now it’s Simi and Falz. Does this mean that artistes of opposite sex can not work together without the media instigating a dating scandal?

It’s no body’s fault anyways, to think that Simi and Falz they could possibly be dating. The comic rapper and the fast-rising singer have an amazing chemistry both in their songs and performances, which has led to the media wagging its tongue about an imaginary relationship which has “supposedly” been going on for months now.

In June 2015, Falz was featured in Simi’s “Jamb Question,” and because he played the role of her love interest, a few people translated it into a possible relationship. In March 2016, Simi returned the favour by not only featuring on Falz’s track ‘Soldier‘ but by playing his love interest as well.

Fals dating Simi

The duo was currently featured on Lifestyle Magazine, Impelling Africa, another platform to add to the dating rumours. However, Simi has come out to say the position of Falz in her life. In an interview published by Hip TV, she said they are in a professional relationship but she would not mind dating the bahd guy.

Fals dating Simi

“I don’t mind dating Falz, he’s a human being. When I say we have not thought about it because why would you be thinking about something that is not in the books. Falz is my friend and that is all there is to it.”

Falz on the other hand, says him and Simi have a musical chemistry which allows them to get along with ease, adding that she does have a boyfriend who happens not to be him. While declining to reveal the identity of Simi’s supposed heart-throb, he said, “I’m in no position to announce a matter that relates to her own relationship because it’s not my relationship. But I know that she do have somebody and it’s not me.”

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