Danish Aid Worker Who Rescued Nigerian “Witch Child” Honored In Denmark


Remember the story of a Danish Aid Worker Anja Ringgren Lovén who rescued an abandoned boy, Hope, that was left for dead after being branded a witch in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State?

Anja’s good deeds have already begun gaining rewards here on earth. The Danish Aid Worker was Honored with the Danish Medal of Honour in Denmark for her “brave, selfless and extraordinary effort to save the vulnerable children in Nigeria.”

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On receiving “The Niels Ebbesen Medal” in the City Hall of Randers,Denmark, the humanitarian promised to hand over the medal to the boy’s father whom she tagged her inspiration and hero.

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Anja shared this message; “I received the Danish medal of honor called “The Niels Ebbesen Medal” in the City Hall of Randers, Denmark.

The motivation for the medal: Anja, you make a brave, selfless and extraordinary effort to save the vulnerable children in Nigeria. Few people know how dangerous a mission it is – but everyone is aware of what it means for the vulnerable children who without help will end up lonely on the streets.

“I will bring this medal of honor to Nigeria and give it to David Emmanuel Umem, Without him I would not be where I am today. He is not only the father of my son. He is my biggest inspiration and my hero! He is the most amazing man and this medal is undisputed because of his extraordinary efforts.”

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The Danish Aid Worker runs a non-profit organization with her Nigerian husband David Emmanuel Umem in Uyo. Their organization is called the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF).

In February, Anja and Hope’s story went viral after she rescued the little boy, Hope, who was cast away by his family for “being a witch”.

He had been on the streets for months. While people had offered him scraps, no one offered him a home. This is mainly because of the fear and perceived danger associated with taking in a child branded as a witch.

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From us here, its hearty congratulations Anja Ringgren Lovén for an honour well deserved!

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