Dangote Industries Begins Constructing Concrete Roads


Dangote Industries Limited has commenced the construction of concrete roads in five states across the country.

Reports say the company has already commenced construction of roads in Lagos, Bauchi, Kogi, Kaduna and Ogun states.

A source at the company added that State governments are beginning to see the need to embrace concrete roads.

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A few months back, Chairman of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote appealed to the Federal Government to consider the use of concrete roads in the country.

Dangote said it will be to the benefit of Nigerians as well as the federal government to embrace the option of using concrete for roads in the country.

Dangote Industries To Construct Concrete Roads

He mentioned that apart from being very cheap, concrete roads are more durable with near-zero maintenance cost.

Dangote said:

“We are pushing for Nigeria to do a concrete road, it is cheaper to do a concrete road that will last 50 years than to do a bitumen road.

“It will also help in eliminating corruption because if you go and build a bitumen road, it will have to be adequately maintained unlike a concrete road that is very durable.”

Executive Director Stakeholders Relations and Corporation Communications of Dangote Industries, Engr Mansur Ahmed strongly canvassed for the use of concrete to construct roads in the country.

Dangote Industries

He said:

“Using concrete to make roads is a choice that Nigeria must make”

He also said concrete roads makes more economic sense for a country like Nigeria. As the use of Asphalt has left the roads in deplorable conditions.

Engr Ahmed mentioned that Asphalt is no longer in use in developed countries.

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He also revealed that the construction of concrete road is much faster.

Ahmed explained that concrete roads can last for half a century compared to Asphalt.

He emphasized that concrete roads are 20 per cent cheaper to build.

According to him, in constructing concrete roads, the raw materials are readily available while Asphalt is imported into the country.

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