Danger Alert!!! Lion Escapes From Jos Wild Life Park


If you live in Jos or know anybody who does, you need to inform them to be careful and watchful. A lion is alleged to have broken free from its home at a Wild Life Park. According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the lion is said have escaped from the Jos Wild Life Park today Wednesday December 2nd,

Mr John Doy, the Acting General Manager, Plateau Toursim Corporation stated that the lion escaped “at about 8 a.m. while it was being fed as was often done”.

The lion made the escape through the entrance which was left slightly open by the park keeper who was about to feed it. Although the lion is yet to wander off the premises of the park, the management of the park fears it may enter into town since the park does not have any serious fencing wall. The manager has assured the general public that a massive search is underway to recapture the lion back into the cage.

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Quoting  Doy,

“The lion, which had been caged since 1972,“ slipped through the gate of the cage when it was opened for its routine feeding”.

“The animal is still within the vicinity of the Park but our fear is that the Park is not fenced.

“We are struggling to recapture it, but we want members of the public to be vigilant,” he said.

The acting general manager said that he had already informed all security agencies to come to the Park’s assistance.

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Mrs Naomi Cishak, also admitted hearing the news of the escape, but stated clearly that the office had not been officially informed. In her words;

“We have not been officially informed, but we are aware of the incident; that is why we have not deployed our personnel there,” she said.

Residents of the town have been asked to be watchful and to bring to the attention of the security team anything that does not seem right to them.

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