Dablixx Biography, Net Worth and Best Songs

Dablixx Osha, whose real name was Oniyide Azeez (Muktar Igbayilola), was a Nigerian rapper and trap artist born on August 27, 1995, and died in 2022 at the age of 27. Dablixx Osha’s net worth was estimated between $20,000 to $90,000, which he made from his short-lived music career.

In his lifetime, Dablixx repeatedly proved that his talent was good enough for him to succeed in the competitive space of the Nigerian music industry. Little wonder his songs have reached several nooks and crannies, and his name continuously comes up on social media and amongst rap lovers. This being said, Dablixx has more things about him to be explored – ranging from his family, career, wealth, controversies, and death.

Summary of Dablixx’s Bio 

  • Full Name: Oniyide Azeez
  • Nickname: Dablixx Osha
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 27 August 1995
  • Dablixx’s age at death: 27 years old (Died on November 8, 2022)
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Dablixx’s Net worth: $20,000 to $90,000 (estimated)
  • Famous for: rap
  • Dablixx’s Instagram: @dablixx_oshaa
  • Twitter: @dablixxoshaa
  • Facebook: Dablixx Osha

Who Is Dablixx?

Dablixx is a Nigerian rapper who was born in the most populous city in Africa, Lagos State, in the western region of Nigeria. He was born on August 27, 1995. He, however, hails from neighboring Ogun State.

Whatever the case, he lived most of his life in Lagos, where he attended schools. Also, he led a private life before he found fame through music in his later life.

Although there are many reports that he was born Oniyide Azeez, he has also been identified as Muktar Igbayilola on his Instagram page.

Dablixx’s Family

Dablixx Osha’s family maintains a low profile despite the fame that the late young rapper gained through his works. However, there are suggestions that since he was referred to as “Ikorodu Lil Wayne”, his family may be living in that part of Lagos (Ikorodu). Despite this, some sources suggest that he was nicknamed Ikorodu Lil Wayne because of the many tattoos he had and not necessarily because he or his family resided there.

While there may be guesses about Dablixx’s family, one certain thing is that he was close to his mother. She became famous in 2022 after the artist revealed that she dreamt that he died. Her fame even grew when he died shortly after the revelation.

Also, the Eruku singer had a tattoo on his back that seemed to be his mother’s face.

This is not the only tattoo that points to his family. The artist had another inscription on his chest, “FAMILY”. This shows that Dablixx was enthusiastic about his family.

Dablixx’s Net Worth

Dablixx was worth an estimated $20,000 to $90,000, which is an equivalent of 9.2 million to 41.4 million in Naira. This estimation is the most popular on the internet. Nonetheless, there are disparities as some sources claim that the net worth could be as high as $100,000 and as low as $15,000.

Since he never gave any particular amount with respect to his earnings, all that is available is an assessment of his achievement and assets, which include cash deposits and equity, which include home and cars, among others, etc.

This being said, here is a breakdown of how Dablixx accumulated his net worth.

He Gained Prominence from Freestyling

Dablixx started his rise to fame by freestyling and sharing on Instagram and other social media platforms. From there, he gained prominence and was later signed to MMG Records.

His prominence grew in 2021 upon the release of his song Country Boy. The following year, he released other songs which have contributed to wealth. Some of his most famous songs are Hoayn, No Feelings, Too Thug, and Codeine.

Dablixx was famous for rapping in both English and Yoruba languages, and his lyrics covered several topics about life, such as women, love, betrayal, the street, pain, and money.

Throughout his career, he collaborated with famous people such as Lil Frosh, Portable, Oladips, and Zlatan

List of Dablixx’s Songs

  • Listen
  • No Cheating
  • Pray We Live Long
  • Get It All
  • Coming From a Far Place
  • See Life
  • Eruku
  • No Feelings
  • Too Thug
  • Amin Ase
  • Codeine
  • They Can’t Understand
  • Gat You
  • Dagrin Kamal
  • No Jesus
  • Gurumaraji
  • Can’t Keep Her
  • Grind For Money
  • Change My Ways
  • Rehab
  • Way Up
  • Barrister
  • Change
  • Sound of the Soul
  • Eru Jabo
  • Ain’t Sad
  • They Love Your Son
  • Chapo
  • Word of God
  • Pain Off
  • Listen to my Song
  • Why
  • Choice
  • Protein
  • Not Good
  • Keep Me Glock
  • Call Me Anytime
  • Out Here
  • Super Dancer
  • Tattoos
  • We on Like We Here
  • No Love in the Street
  • I’m Ready
  • S.I.M.S
  • Night Wolf

Dablixx’s Albums and Extended Plays (EP)

  • 50 (2022)
  • Goals (2022)
  • I Gah Feelings (2022)
  • Marleba Green (2022)
  • Country Boy (2022)
  • Arch Angel (2022)
  • 427 (2022)
  • 2019 (2022)
  • Eko (2021)
  • Sick Six (2020)

Dablixx’s Cars

Dablixx owned cars such as a Mercedes Benz SUV and a BMW during his lifetime. His car collection could be more, but these are the ones that are confirmed. He had previously posted himself in and around a Mercedes Benz SUV car on several occasions.

Also, he once made a post with a BMW car. The exact worth of these cars is sketchy, but none is below 5 million Naira.

Was Dablixx a Cultist?

There are sources that claim that Osha was a cultist. As far as we know, there hasn’t been any proof that the artist belonged to any confraternity. Yet, Dablixx’s mode of dressing, tattoos, and even some of his lyrics may have prompted the rumor that he is a cultist.

In recent times, it has become common for online sources to allege that celebrities belong to one cult group or the other. Some of the popular names that have been caught up in these rumors include Davido, TuFace, and Don Jazzy. While these rumors may have spread like wildfire, there is no evidence of these artists belonging to any confraternity, as in the case of Dablixx.

So, the bone of contention is that it is not out of place for artists, including Dablixx Osha, to be linked to any group or for rumors to be juggled about him.

Despite the uncertainty of his belonging to any cult group, Dablixx couldn’t completely stay away from controversies.

One such is his alleged use of hard drugs. This rumor is fueled by some of his lyrics as well as videos of him smoking and drinking. While some fans saw this as interesting as he may be projecting himself as a “hard man”, others thought that he might be influencing younger fans in a bad manner.

Another controversy that the artist found himself in was with DJ Ruff Lemon. He and Lemon were allegedly close before Dablixx made it big in the music industry. The story further laid emphasis that DJ Lemon helped nurture the rapper’s career and even connected him to more experienced musicians who helped in his rise to fame.

However, Dablixx purportedly ignored DJ Lemon after he became famous. Lemon later claimed to be entitled to compensation by the Ikorodu Lil Wayne.

How Did Dablixx Die?

Dablixx died at the age of 27 on November 8, 2022. According to reports, Dablixx complained of stomach ache a day prior to the day he died but no further information has been released as to the cause of his death.

Many people believed that the young rapper foretold his death through his song Pray We Live Long. While he attested that his mother saw it coming, he prayed for long life.

Here are his words through the song,

mama had a dream about me dying

but I told her she Lying

i don’t wanna die Young

I just wanna live long

I don’t wanna die Young



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