Embarrassing! Cynthia Morgan Commits Blunder, Says 4×2 is 6


Cynthia Morgan has embarrassed not just herself but her fans on live television with this unforgivable blunder. She says 4×2 is equal to 6. Unfortunately, the Benin born singer has just added herself to the list of Nigerian personalities who goof around with basic English language, current affairs, mathematics, etc.

Early this year, Nigeria’s Finance Minister Failed Basic Arithmetic by saying 6 + 16 = 24. R & B singer, Seyi Shay, is also on the list of “word murderers.” The diva is known for her series of blunders – she pronounces ‘two’ as ‘tuwoo’ and more recently, she said the acronym ‘EP’ means ‘Electric Package’ instead of ‘Extended Play’. Could this be mother tongue interference in the case of Seyi’s “tuwoo?” Or that these adults were not listening to their teachers in school, or they must have forgotten everything they learnt back then.

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Some may say this is a strategic way of staying in the media, but come on! do celebrities need to get infamous just to stay relevant in the media? It is indeed turning out to be an embarrassing spate of blunders among these supposed role models. Cynthia Morgan’s case was recorded live on the first edition of the Bigger Friday Show on MTV Base which was aired on Friday, April 29.

Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan

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When asked for the product of the mathematical equation ‘2 x 2 x 2/2 – 2′, the North-side act responded that ‘2×2’ is four and ‘4×2’ is ‘6.’ One thing for sure would have been on the minds of rapper Falz the Bahd Guy and Samantha Walsh, who hosted the 24-year old singer – “Cynthia didn’t stay in class while in school.”

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Aside looking razz and over-colorful in her music videos, Cynthia is an amazing singer whose deep-toned voice is unique to her. Her music is a fusion of pop, hip hop, dance hall and rap and her videos are usually creative and fun to watch. She’s been doing music professional since 2007, and following the  release of her two hit singles “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Lead Me On”, she’s grown herself to one name the Nigerian music industry can not ignore. 

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