Customs Comptroller – General Says He will Sack And Jail Corrupt Officers


Retired Col. Hameed Ali, the Comptroller – General Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), today while speaking to officers and men of the NCS in Calabar, the capital city of Cross River warned that any officer who is linked to any form of corrupt practice will face dismissal, or disciplinary actions, or will spend some time in jail. He made it clear that he cannot stand corrupt practices and acts of indiscipline. He pointed out some of the corrupt acts which could  land offenders in jail or get them sacked from office to include faking document or being connected to such and compromising with fake goods that are imported into the country.

He  further stated that this administration will be corruption-free and that there was need for them to be of good conduct and show professionalism while carrying out their duties. He urged officers and men of the service to shun all forms of corruption before they are caught in the act.

According to the C-G

“I want to make it clear to all of you that I have zero tolerance for indiscipline and corruption. I will dismiss and jail any officer found guilty of such. Indiscipline will no longer have a place in the NCS. We must have officers and men with impeccable character to promote the image of the service.

“Anyone caught falsifying any documents or compromising with fake imported goods will also be dismissed and jailed. The NCS has resolved that anyone caught in an unprofessional conduct, no matter the circumstances, will be dismissed and jailed for the offence,’’

He went on to give reasons why such drastic measures will be used on defaulters, saying that dismissal and jailing of bad officers will serve as a dissuasion to others and will help in the improvement of the service.

He also said;

“I am determined to undertake reforms and reorganize the service, so we can generate more revenues into the Federal Government’s coffers.

“We have been seen as the most undisciplined para-military organisation because we have refused to obey the laws that govern us. Para-military is all about discipline and we must operate on that basis. We must also work in line with the law establishing the service,’’ .

Also, Ali noted that dedicated and hardworking Officers will be rewarded likewise for their good work. On welfare for officers and men of the NCS, the comptroller-general gave assurance to the Officers that plans are being made for the provision of suitable accommodation for them.

In his words:

“We are aware of the accommodation challenges you are facing in your command; we will try our best to provide better accommodations for you all’’.

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