Cultism In Rivers: Army Reveals Lawmakers, Community Chief As Sponsors


The Nigeria Army has said that cultism in Rivers State is sponsored by some prominent people in government offices and society at large.

The General Officer Commanding, GOC, Six Division of the Nigerian Army Port Harcourt, Major-General Eniobong Udoh disclosed this during a courtesy visit to the Rivers state Council of Traditional Rulers.

According to Gen. Udoh, an unnamed traditional ruler and a member of the Federal House of Representatives are actively sponsoring cultism in Ahoada local government area of the state.

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Speaking at the gathering, he said activities of cultists and cultism in Rivers state had reached an alarming rate, especially in Ahaoda LG, but he assured that the Division was on top of the situation.

“We are aware of what is happening in Ahaoda [LGA] but your Majesty, we found out that the cult war there is between Greenlanders and Icelanders.

“But the unfortunate thing is that there is a Chief in Ozoji community who is said to be sponsoring Greenlanders and a member of House of Representatives is sponsoring the Icelanders.

“These two individuals are in contention and they are causing serious violence and security challenges in that area.”

Earlier, Chairman of the Traditional Rulers Council, King Dandison Jaja charged the Army to step up security in troubled areas in the state.

Cultism In Rivers State

Cultism had become a plague in several communities in Rivers state including Omudioga in Emohua Local Government Area; Omademe in Ikwerre and Ozuoba community in Obio/Akpor council.

Vanguard had earlier reported several cult deadly clashes in May that killed four persons in the aforementioned communities.

It was also reported that during the Peter Odili’s administration, the Rivers State House of Assembly (RHSA) under the speakership of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the House passed the Secret Cult and Similar Activities (Prohibition) Law, No. 6 of 2004.

More than a hundred and one (101) cult groups were listed in the said law which says that anyone who give any financial or materials support or assistance to a secret cult or in any manner, sponsors the activities of a secret cult, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for ten years without an option of fine.

An undocumented death toll trail cult clashes in River state especially during a fierce battles between two rival cult groups.

Hotels in Port Harcourt were marked as safe havens for cultists in the state hence, the Secret Cult Prohibition Law states that;

“for the purpose of checking the activities of secret cults, all hotels, night clubs and similar places of business in the state shall be registered with the police within three months of the commencement of this law and a certificate of registration shall be issued by the police upon payment of a sum exceeding N500.”

According to the News Writer, cult groups listed in the alleged Secret Cult Prohibition Law of No. 24 of 2004 include:

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  1. Agbaye
  2. Ainvords
  3. Amazon
  4. Barracuda
  5. Bas
  6. Bees International
  7. Black Axe; Neo-Black Movement
  8. Black Beret Fraternity
  9. Black Brasserie
  10. Black Brothers
  11. Black Cats
  12. Black Cross
  13. Black Ladies Club
  14. Black Olalis
  15. Black Scorpions
  16. Black Sword
  17. Blanchers
  18. Big 20
  19. Blood Suckers
  20. Brotherhood of Blood
  21. Buccaneers (Sea Lords)
  22. Burkinafeso: Revolution Fraternity
  23. Canary
  24. Cappa Vendetto
  25. Daughters of Jezebel
  26. Dragons
  27. Dreaded Friends of Friends
  28. Egbe Club
  29. Elye of Air Lords Fraternity
  30. Egbe Dudu
  31. Executioners
  32. Fangs
  33. Fliers
  34. Frigates
  35. FF
  36. Gentlemen’s Club
  37. Green Berets Fraternity
  38. Hard Candles
  39. Hepos
  40. Hell’s Angels
  41. Himalayas
  42. Walrus
  43. Jaggare Confederation
  44. King Cobra
  45. KIam Konfratenity Klansman
  46. Klu Klux (KKK) Klan Confraternity
  47. Knite Cadet
  48. KKK Boys
  49. Mafia Lords
  50. Malcom X
  51. Maphites or Maphiate
  52. Mgba-Mgba Brothers
  53. Musketeers Fraternity
  54. Neo-Black Movement
  55. National Association of Adventures
  56. Nite Hawks
  57. Nite Rovers
  58. Osiri
  59. Ostrich Fraternity
  60. National Association of Seadogs
  61. Phoenix
  62. Predators
  63. Red Fishes
  64. Red Sea Horse
  65. Royal Queens
  66. Scavengers
  67. Scorpions
  68. Soko
  69. Sunmen
  70. Temple of Eden Fraternity
  71. The Mafioso Fraternity
  72. The Scorpion Fraternity
  73. The Soiree Fraternity
  74. The Odu Confraternity
  75. Third Eye Confraternity
  76. Thomas Sankara Boys
  77. Trajan Horses Fraternity
  78. Truth Seekers
  79. The Vikings
  80. Vipers
  81. White Angels
  82. Sailors
  83. Icelanders
  84. BA
  85. Elegemface
  86. Vultures
  87. Bloody Hunters
  88. Sea Vipers
  89. Night Mates
  90. Mob Stab
  91. Scorpion
  92. Twin Mate
  93. KGB
  94. Day Well
  95. Day Gbani
  96. Royal House of Peace
  97. Tikan Giants
  98. White Bishops
  99. Dolphins
  100. The Forest
  101. The Mad House
  102. Vigilante Groups, whose activities are similar to Secret Cults.