Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth and Income Sources

Cubana Chief Priest (Real Name: Paschal Chubuike Okechukwu) is a Nigerian business man with an estimated net worth of $12 million (over ₦1.2 billion), Cubana Chief Priest has emerged as one of the richest promoters in Africa. He is popularly known as a celebrity barman but works as an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and social media influencer.

Cubana Chief Priest took to the centre stage in the entertainment industry following his association with the Cubana Group, where he worked as a general manager and co-director. He eventually left the Cubana brand in late 2020 and has augmented his net worth with earnings gathered from his newly established nightclub, Xhrine. The famous show promoter also serves as the founder and owner of another hospitable brand called De Angels Bar and Grill.

He made a bulk of his wealth while serving as the general manager of Cubana dance & nightclub, Opium, situated in Owerri, as he was offered many lucrative endorsement deals by notable brands, including Bullet Energy Drink, during such time. Today, Cubana Chief Priest is not only popular for his efforts in the hospitality industry, having been the face of Cubana Group for many years, but for living lavishly as his real estate assets and cars worth millions of naira.

How Cubana Chief Priest Accumulated His $12 Million Net Worth

Cubana Chief Priest is among the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Nigeria. He often displays his wealth, wads of cash, and expensive acquisitions on social media. He is also a philanthropist as he normally supports the business of his fans by giving them hundreds of thousands of naira. Cubana Chief Priest began building his wealth while in the university when he was making shoes in Aba, Abia State. He reportedly became a millionaire during his shoemaking days before being linked to Obi Cubana, the chief executive officer of the Cubana Group by the Cubana Prime Minister.

Since then, his life has turned for the better, as he is now said to be worth $12 million (over ₦1.2 billion). This, he mostly accomplished through his works in the Cubana Group and earnings from remunerative endorsement deals.

The Cubana Franchise Contributed Greatly to His Net Worth

Cubana Chief Priest was born Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu in Umuhu Okabia in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. As the second son of his parents, he joined his father in his business in Aba, where he ventured into the shoemaking business. He later got acquainted with Obi Cubana through Lucky Bruno Ndukwe, professionally known as Cubana Prime Minister (the Executive Director of the Cubana Group). Cubana Chief Priest eventually began working as Cubana brand influencer and was made the nightclub manager, Opium, by Cubana in Owerri, Imo State.

He hosted the biggest events in Owerri at the nightclub and invited many music artists to Opium. The eminent show promoter took the nightclub business in Owerri to another level when Davido performed at Opium in August 2018. The show attracted a massive crowd to the dance and nightclub, soaring its popularity and that of the Cubana Group across the nation. Over the years, Cubana Chief Priest has worked closely with A-list music artists, including Cardi B, Davido, Kcee, Olamide, Flavour, Phyno, and Tekno. He has cemented his status as the nightlife boss in the entertainment industry.

He served the Cubana Group for five years, during which his work ethic and loyal services attracted him to multiple endorsement deals. Although it’s not known how much he makes from the deals, he is surely earning millions of dollars from his role as the brand influencer for LVMH Group’s Moët Hennessy and the brand ambassador of Mikano Motors, the motor division of Mikano International Limited. He has been gifted brand news cars by automotive company Geely Nigeria since becoming the company’s brand ambassador.

He Has Signed Lucrative Endorsement Deals

Additionally, Cubana Chief Priest increases his net worth through his endorsement deals with Bullet Energy Drink, Kippa Africa, and Splendid Luxury Furniture. He parted ways with the Cubana Group in September 2020, and on December 18th, 2020, he launched his own dance & nightclub, Xhrine, in Owerri, Imo State, where he previously managed Opium for Obi Cubana. He also serves as the owner of another hospitable brand called De Angels Bar and Grill and De Angels Bistro.

List of The Brands The Show Promoter Endorses
  • Moët Hennessy
  • Mikano Motors
  • Geely Nigeria
  • Kippa Africa
  • Bullet Energy Drink
  • Splendid Luxury Furniture

Is Cubana Chief Priest Richer Than Cubana Group CEO, Obi Cubana?

Having been the face of the Cubana brand for years, many people oftentimes consider Cubana Chief Priest to be the chief executive officer of the Cubana Group. This is not surprising as the founder and chief executive of the Cubana Group, Obinna Iyiegbu (aka Obi Cubana), doesn’t really show off himself except on a few special occasions. He owns the creative and luxurious hospitality brand with branches in several states in Nigeria, including Enugu, Lagos, Abuja, and Imo. As a result, the businessman has made staggering wealth from his successful endeavors in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Obi’s net worth is currently pegged at $500 million (₦190 billion), whereas Cubana Chief Priest has an estimated net worth of $12 million (over ₦1.2 billion). The chief executive of Cubana Group gathered his wealth by first launching Ibiza Club in 2006. Three years later, he established the Cubana franchise, which has greatly changed the nightclub business in Nigeria. In Lagos State, Obi Cubana owns three nightclubs, namely, Montana by Cubana, Pablo by Cubana, and Grind by Cubana. He established Opium in Owerri and Gustavo by Cubana in Enugu State. Then in Abuja, the Cubana Group owns three hotels; Grand Cubana Hotels, Cubana Signature, and Caledonian Suites.

Obi Cubana also has two nightclubs in Abuja called Crave by Cubana and Hustle & Bustle. Apparently, Cubana Chief Priest helped increase the popularity of the Cubana brands. Still, now the intelligent entrepreneur, who recently achieved a Doctor of Science degree in Event and Luxury Hospitality Management from European American University, relentlessly works on expanding his nightclub business. He aims to have a chain of nightclubs across Nigeria and has started building Club Xhrine and De Angels Bar and Grill Asaba, which he hopes to launch in December 2021.

Summary of Cubana Chief Priest’s Revenue Streams

  • Cubana Group (former manager and co-director)
  • Club Xhrine (owner)
  • De Angels Bar and Grill (owner)
  • De Angels Bistro (owner)
  • Endorsement deals

The Celebrity Barman Owns a Fleet of Expensive Cars

It’s no longer news that Cubana Chief Priest lives an exorbitant lifestyle, which he often flaunts on his Instagram handle. He goes on vacations to European countries, United States, Malaysia, and Dubai. He also wears expensive gold wristwatches and necklaces. The celeb barman is said to have real estate assets in Owerri, Lagos, and Abuja.

More than that, Cubana Chief Priest has a special love for luxury cars, for which he has spent a good portion of his net worth. He owns a 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser model, which is valued at over ₦33 million. He also has Range Rover Autobiography worth over ₦58 million and Ferrari valued at over ₦104 million.

Here’s a list of his luxury cars and their worths:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom (over ₦176 million).
  • Rolls Royce Wraith (over ₦132 million).
  • Ferrari (over ₦104 million).
  • Range Rover Autobiography (over ₦58 million).
  • 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser (over ₦33 million).
  • Toyota Prado (over ₦32 million).
  • Lexus LX (₦32 million).
  • Range Rover Sport (₦26 million).
  • Geely X7 (over ₦13 million).


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