Cristiano Ronaldo Welcomes Twins From Surrogate Mother


Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly become the father of twins – a boy and girl named called Eva and Mateo.

The twins were born on Thursday, June 8, according to Portuguese newspapers and websites that circulated the news on Friday.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo, his family and representatives, are yet to firm or comment on the reports. But it wouldn’t be such a surprise since it was earlier rumoured that the player was to become the father of twin boys, through a surrogate mother on the west coast of the United States.

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Just as it was six years ago – precisely on July 2010 when the 32-year old took to his Twitter and Facebook handles to announce he had become a father for the first time to his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr who is now six. Fans and the media are obviously clamouring for clues from the Champion. But that won’t be the only juicy social media post coming from Ronaldo.

Despite his ‘dating’ status, one might wonder why he used a surrogate? Ronaldo who is currently dating a Spanish Model Georgina Rodrigues has shared loved up pictures on his Instagram page with the ‘love’ emoji as a caption. Their relationship started in 2016 and so far so good.


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The selfie had sparked media speculations on whether the duo are planning to add C. Ronaldo Jr.2 to the pack. A rumour that was debunked by the footballer’s mother, Dolores Santos, who was quoted as saying,

“It’s just nonsense, it’s just a hand on the belly, and as far as I know. 

“I hope he has more children, he wants to be a father again, now that Cristiano has money, he can raise more children as well.

Ronaldo has exhibited loads of love for his older son Jr and several pictures on his Instagram post of the boy is proof that the World Champion has a soft spot when it comes to his son.


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In another report by Goal, Ronaldo’s  stellar year has been crowned with a special pair of boots to mark it: the CR7 Mercurial Campeoes, manufactured by Nike.


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Cristiano Ronaldo has truly enjoyed a stellar year and Nike marked it by manufacturing a special pair of boots: the CR7 Mercurial Campeoes. The sports boot is coloured in the red and green of the national team and is trimmed with gold – the colour of a champion. The boots are not available for sale, with Nike claiming “they were created specifically for the world’s best player.”