Crazy Husband Shoots Wife’s Doctor For Seeing Her Nakedness


A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested for shooting his wife’s doctor who helped deliver his baby, after insisting a female doctor should have assisted with the birth.

Saudi police have arrested the father who was reportedly furious the Doctor, identified as Muhannad Al-Zabn had seen his wife naked.

The baby was born in April at King Fahad Medical City in Saudi city Riyadh. At the time, the father thanked the doctor for his help. He even travelled to the hospital and contacted Dr al-Zabn for a quick chat and to show his appreciation for his work in person.

The man, who has not been named, said he wanted to thank Dr al-Zabn for delivering his wife’s baby without any major complications.

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man shoots wife's doctor 2

The pair met an the hospital’s garden, at which point the father pulled out a smuggled gun and shot the doctor, severely wounding him. The fuming dad immediately fled the scene, only for Saudi cops to track him down and arrest him just hours later.

Dr al-Zabn was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit and is now understood to be in a stable condition.

Hospital spokesman Bassam Al Buraikan confirmed the shooting in an interview with Gulf News, and said authorities are in the midst of investigating the incident using available evidence from the scene of the attempted murder.

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While most have rushed to share their sympathy for the wounded medic, some social media users have questioned the hospital’s methods of operation, arguing that the jealous father should not have been put in such a situation for religious reasons. The incident has gained divided opinion online.