Couple Weds In A Georgia Supermarket 4 Years After Meeting At The Same Place


According to a report published by a chain grocery store, Harveys Supermarket in Albany, Georgia, a couple exchanged their vows in the store on Thanksgiving Day.

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There’s something about the word ‘First’ and people usually add some kind of significance to their first kiss, first word, first boyfriend and of course the first place they meet someone special.

Mary and Charles Larry Tinson first met at Harveys Supermarket on Thanksgiving Day back in 2012. Four years down the line, they decided to get married on the same day and spot they met.

The chain proudly published the union on their Facebook page, sharing pictures of the couple and wishing them well.

“Customers wed this afternoon at Harveys Supermarket in Albany, Georgia! Friends and family gathered to share this special moment with Charles and Mary Tinson in the exact location they were connected four years ago on Thanksgiving Day!

“Charles needed a last-minute can of Southern Home cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving Day 2012 from Harveys Supermarket when Mary, also shopping, caught his eye!

“After four years of dating this couple decided that there was no better place to wed than on the same holiday and in the same place they reconnected, Harveys Supermarket.

“Harveys is proud to be part of this Thanksgiving love story! Congratulations, Charles and Mary!”

Couple Wed in a Supermarket in Georgia

Though they’d met a few times before, the two never dated or kept in touch. They were both at Harvey’s to pick up last-minute jars of cranberry sauce on when they started talking.

“I heard someone say ‘Hey, girl,’ and I turned around and said ‘Oh my God, Larry? I haven’t seen you in over 20-something years,” Mary told ABC 7.

‘I heard someone say ‘Hey, girl,’ and I turned around and said ‘Oh my God, Larry? I haven’t seen you in over 20-something years,’ Mary told ABC 7.

After Larry proposed to Mary, she asked him where they were going to get married and Larry didn’t hesitate before answering ‘at Harvey’s, where I met you.’

The wedding had more than 70 guests in attendance and the supermarket was happy to accommodate them all.