BIZZARE! Couple Found Dead After Breakfast…Here’s The Detail


Police detectives have disclosed the discovery of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Femi Oguntunwase who were found dead in their home after having breakfast.

‎Their bodies were found in their home at New Sight area of Oba Ile area of Ondo State. Police detectives who were at the scene of the incident told correspondents that the cause of sudden death of the couple, whose corpses were discovered on the floor of their living room remains a mystery.

According to neighbors, the couple were actually seen that fateful morning, hale and hearty and even exchanged greeting with them. Until one of the neighbor later spotted the dead couple on the floor – the husband, Femi was lying naked while the wife, Modupe wore a T-shirt and a wrapper. A bottle of palm oil was allegedly found on the floor in the sitting room.

Speaking with newsmen a neighbor, who identified as Salewa said; “We saw the husband in the morning greeting everybody but we were surprised to hear his death in the afternoon.”

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She alleged that a bowl of Pap and Beans cake (akara) were placed on a table beside the deceased in their sitting room, suggesting that they may have died after taking their breakfast.

A Police source also suggested that the couple may have died of food poison. He said:

“We saw palm oil in their mouths, it may be when they were having stomach pain that they drank the palm oil. We also discovered that the death happened after their breakfast.”

The Police Image Maker, Femi Joseph confirmed the death of the couple, adding that their corpses had been deposited at the State Specialist Hospital in Akure.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joseph said:

“No arrest had been made on the incident because it has not been established that the couple were killed. We got the report of the incident last weekend and we are still investigating to know the cause of their death.  Right now, their bodies awaits autopsy at a hospital, to determine the cause of death and aid police investigations.”