Countries With Highest Public Holidays In The World


At the sound of public holiday many people would smile, especially the working class, who see it as an opportunity to rest, go out with friend or engage in other extra-curricular activities.

Some business people may not particularly love public holidays as it may mean closing down the business for a day or two and you know what that would mean; money loss.

In general, everyone likes holidays and would want to spend it in an enjoyable way and place. However, some countries in the world observe more public holidays than others.

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This article will not only keep you informed about holidays in other countries but will also help you if you will be migrating to other countries to work or study, as it will give you an idea of vacations and routine work for a whole year.

A 2012 Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines” report  released by the human resources consulting firm Mercer, reveals that  Wester Europe and Latin America countries have more mandated paid holidays per year than their peers in North America and Asia.

The annual report provides data into global working practices and regulations in 62 countries and counts both the statutory minimum number of days’ holiday that companies must provide to staff, as well as the number of public holidays in 62 countries.

Check Out the list


10. US, Portugal, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Croatia, Romania

Number of holidays: 10

9. Singapore, China, Canada, Italy, Denmark, France, UAE, Morocco, Czech Republic, Luxembourg

Number of holidays: 11

8. Finland, Russia

Number of holidays: 12

7. South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan

Number of holidays: 13

6. Indonesia, Chile, Slovakia

Number of holidays: 14

5. Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lithuania, Vietnam, Sweden

Number of holidays: 15

4. Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan

Number of holidays: 16

3. China, Hong Kong

Number of holidays: 21

2. Colombia, Philippines

Number of holidays: 18

1. India

Number of holidays: 21

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