Cossy Ojiakor: Controversial Socialite Claims Her New Butt Cost Her N1.5 Million


Nigeria’s controversial queen of boobs and nudity Cossy Ojiakor, has made good on her promise to her teeming fans to “get a new bum”.

She said she felt it necessary to get an ass to compliment her humongous boobs, which have earned her fame far above what her talents could have pulled off.

The revealed in a private chat with a journalist that having a new big bum to replace her relatively small one is a done deal and that it has cost a few millions to do.

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When asked if she had actually done the butt job she said she would do, the actress who’s always economical with words replied in the affirmative.

“That’s old news. I have big butt now,” she replied briefly with a chuckle of mischief in her voice.

When an inquiry was made if she could share the picture of the new big butt. She obliged with more chuckles.

“So, you expect me to give out my new massive butt pictures just like that? After spending N1.5 million? Please chill. I ‘m not giving it out yet. You will see it from my new musical video,” adding with more chuckles and teasing words.

Cossy caught everyone by surprise when she announced she was going under the knives to make her bum as massive as her legendary humongous boobs.

There’s probably no other African movie star more popular for their bumper boobs than Cossy Ojiakor. Some have called her Nollywood’s queen of boobs and rightly so, as the Nutty Queen has never failed to put her boobs on the line but it appears the diva wants to give her fans the best of two worlds.

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Interestingly, some minutes after the interview, Cossy added as her profile picture on WhatsApp a cryptic picture of her back, showing her back, hip and a bit of her gluteaus area, but not the maximum.